How to Use OPRA Anonymously. Keeping Brigantine Council Honest.

Brigantine residents, especially 2nd home-owners, might want to use OPRA to find out how their money is being spent.

Not happy with virtually no representation from Brigantine City Council? Disappointed with limited questioning of Council majority’s blatant financial malfeasance? Voters hoped Brigantine Democrat leader; Lisa McClay would have shared details of Chief Reed’s $131,000 retirement bonus. That’s why BrigantineNOW picked up the ball and requested that critical piece of taxpayer data….and shared it right away. Knowledge is power.

Keep Brigantine City Council honest. Use the OPEN PUBLIC RECORDS ACT…… better known as OPRA. And yes, you can use OPRA anonymously, through email. No matter where you live. Just use the word OPRA in your email.

Listen to this very interesting & informative interview with the master of OPRA… Mr. John Paff.

Some items, where a citizen may want some greater clarity: 

  • Out of court settlements; How much did Brigantine’s insurance company pay RAY COX?
  • Lawsuits against City Employees ( even out of court settlements )
  • What services does Meadowbrook Golf provide to Brigantine for $9,000 per month
  • School District Operations & Salary info
  • Details pertaining to employee wreckless driving, DUI
  • Public Employee Pension contributions, overtime totals, longevity pay, etc.
  • Links Golf Course monthly financial & club house inventory report
  • Monthly Overtime report for Brigantine Fire Department
  • Monthly report on local crime stats
  • Line item invoice / specific contract for Harbor Beach Cove road repair
  • Police report on recent Lighthouse Circle gas station burglary

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