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It’s true. Brigantine is one amazing place with the most amazing people. Brigantine’s also evolving into an even better town, as fresh new leadership and ideas are being adopted. Candidates for Brigantine’s Person of the Year show respect and caring not only for full-time residents, but for 2nd homeowners, business operators and visitors as well.

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Some comments received…

Mike Feely has initiated and participated in many community activites and organizations over the last 20+ years. Mike was a key volunteer during Superstorm Sandy and at the BCC before, during and after Sandy. Mike is an all around good community activist.

Linda Simpson quietly organizes the true spirit coalition into a wonderful giving entity. She wants no credit, will shy away from photos or accolades. She truely wants to help people with no personal gain. Linda works year round to give through this organizaion anf she worked tirelessly to help all affected by super storm sandy. She deserves our thanks.

Ernie Purdy is the invisible man — most everyone on this list gets recognized in the news on a regular basis, and rightfully so. Ernie does his job and doesn’t receive the credit he is do. The storm brought him front and center, and he lived up to the challenge. Now would be a good time to recognize his contributions to the City all these years, not just during the storm.

Because of the exceptional circumstances this year, you may even want to award two or three winners. A great number of people deserve this award. Perhaps a Sandy award could be presented this year. Afterall, it was 50 years ago when we had our last really big storm.

Even before the superstorm had cleared, Marjorie Goodman was thinking of others. While she was worried about her own home, she was trying to take care of others. As soon as she got home and removed what had to go from her home, she was leading the movement in efforts to help others with not only food and shelter but clothing and whatever was needed. She even put out that if someone was too embarrassed or felt ashamed to send her private messages and she would go out, get what they need and bring it to them. She is what caring is about. She is the very essence of what we should all be. She is exceptional, extraordinary, she is… I could go on and on about what she is, but there is simply not enough room here. She cares about everyone else, she should be person of the year for Brigantine

John Scotland puts everyone and everything before himself. A great example to the youth and community. Can connect with anyone on a personal level. Makes everyone feel welcomed, has never turned anyone down. A true hero and a true gentleman. Yes the other votes are good but John is above and beyond!

Lieutenant Jim Bennett should be added to this list for a incredible job with Sandy as Brigantine’s Emergency Management Coordinator. He added friends and kept them updated on all social networks….so we can all stay informed…aside from managing a “once in a lifetime” responsibility. This is a hard list, because Jim Mogan did an INCREDIBLE job with the Community Center during Sandy….and Rev. Scotland has come forward as a key person in Brigantine’s community with on-going recovery efforts….Tough Choices Brigantine…tough choices…

Because Marjorie Ileen Goodman volunteered during the storm of the century along with organized a turkey day dinner and is such a nice person. She is also a person that is not involved in a community sponsored organized that would normally get recognition.  Time for someone to win who isn’t winning for doing their job. This person did it out of kindness of their own heart.

Reverend John Scotland: during the hurricane never ever seemed to sleep, because he worked tirelessly to ensure the safety I everyone he could reach out too and then some. Not only does his food pantry work all year long , but that stepped up after Sandy, the church got truck after truck from all over the country donating all kinds of items A to Z, and John could always be found there whenever you needed anything. And during that selfless time, his wife had surgery, his daughter gave birth , and there was the turkey dinner, it’s almost as if he cloned himself , I vote John Scotland as man of the century if I could.

The award should go to the Public Works and Police Departments. They worked around the clock to get Brigantine back in shape fast…faster than any town along the NJ shore. Their extraordinary effort should be recognized by everyone who owns a home in Brigantine. It would be great to have the Brigantine Council pass a proclamation recognizing everyone of them by reading all their names at the council meeting and creating a plaque with their names on it and hanging it in the town hall for future generations to read!

Police Chief John Stone is a caring and giving person. He is a leader and accomplished so much in the Police Department in a short time that will have a positive affect within the department and with the quality of life issues in the community. John is a life long resident of Brigantine and gives back to the community when the opportunity arises. He is not only the Chief of our Police Department, he is a father and mentor to our future generation.

If it wasn’t for Ernie Purdy & his crew our beautiful island wouldn’t be back to normal! Thank you for all your hard work & dedication!

Marjorie Goodman is there when you need her. During hard times she brought the community in touch through Facebook – gathered clothing, furniture and amazingly start the momentum for Thanksgiving feast. She help gather toys and distributed the toys so kids could have Christmas. If you didn’t know Marjorie is of the Jewish faith – but she ensure all was taken care of for the children. Thanks Marjorie for all you do and will do for your community.

Mayor Phil Guenther. The man is a work horse…He helps so many people that you never hear about. I see a lot of what he does because I live close to him. He is a saint and Brigantine is a better place because of people like Phil.

Jim Mogan. He was terrific when we were faced with tragedy. He was calm,smiling and helpful at the community donation center.

Lynn Sweeney was helpful when my class donated over 40 toys to the annual toy drive. She went out of her way to allow us to the deliver the toys on the weekend and wrote an incredible thank you note to my class. I’m sure the city of Brigantine benefits from having such a dedicated worker in City Hall.


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6 thoughts on “Vote: 2012 Brigantine Person of the Year”

  1. Actually from what i gathered it was Lieutenant Tim Reed who added friends and kept them updated on all social networks while he was not even that we all could stay informed during the Super Storm. He was the one who once you left the island opened the only lines of communication with everyone. he oversees the Police Departments Website & Social Media…

  2. Jennifer Blumenthal

    This is City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal

    I have made it a point to stay away from comments on BRIGANTINE NOW. I wanted it to remain a forum for the people to express their opinions without government interfering. I have continuously read the posts and your comments on the boards and always take your thoughts on this forum into account when I am making decisions.

    I feel the need to comment on the person of the year post because it seems to focus on work done during and after super-storm sandy. It’s been a challenging and hectic time for all municipal employees and residents. There has been a lot going on during the storm and after, including a lot of work that most would not be aware.

    The employees of the city are civil servants. It’s their jobs to work for the community. Yes, they are working harder than the average day and probably working harder than they have experienced in their careers but it is their jobs. Many employees have had to put their family lives aside during and after the storm for the community. It’s hard for them but it is their jobs

    This includes many other employees and elected official than listed on the “person of the year” vote. For example, after the storm the majority of work is in the construction department. The construction official has to evaluate each home. He has been working non-stop to inspect each home and make determinations, which affect the insurance and funds available for the home owner.

    To answer some questions: It is both Lt. Reed and Lt. Bennett that post to our police, twitter and channel 2 accounts. That was our communication to the public during the storm. I heard your complaints about communication and am working on better communication that includes an updated main city web-page and other forms of communication. We will have that available for you soon.

    Public works did an outstanding job in debris clean up. The morning after the storm we had contractors removing debris and Atlantic Electric restoring electric. By Thursday we had most of the debris cleaned up and electric restored, a community outreach program established and initiatives to get people into temporary housing. I still hear from FEMA and State representatives how far above the curve we are compared to other municipalities. Thank you to all the civil servants for that!

    We have had three town hall meetings with FEMA representatives and many other discussions in-between. So much more than other municipalities. The news isn’t good but at least we are working as a community to recover and fight the new advisory maps!

    With all that said. I want to say when voting for the “person of the year” please selects those that are VOLUNTEERS. We city employees get our rewards from doing a job well done for you the community. That’s our job. That’s why we get up in the morning. That’s our value in life. It’s the volunteers that get no monetary award, that help in their off time that work for the community with no rewards: these are the people that deserve the person of the year.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all employees and the community for their work, dedication, and tireless empathy and compassion during these hard times for our community. It takes an island.

    If it wasn’t for everyone working together we wouldn’t be at this point in recovery. We are not whole but we should be proud!

    1. Thanks for your information, Jennifer. I was getting ready to vote for a city employee, then I read your blog and totally agree with your assessment. I will vote now for a volunteer.

  3. The Police Dept, the Fire Dept and the Ambulance Services do a great job all year. The people of Brigantine should feel safe knowing they are there when you need them, literally in seconds. But after Sandy, the Public Works Dept did an amazing job of cleaning up the island. Outstanding. I would like to thank everyone in the department for the fine job.

  4. Mr. Taylor, I just want to let you know that you have done an outstanding job in Brigantine providing us the news. I like many people have turned to Brigantine Now for the latest news and current events. Brigantine Now is where I look for whats happening in Brigantine. Being a summer resident I like to stay informed as to what is happening in my town. Great Job and Good Luck in 2013 as Brigantine Source of Information..

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