Voter Intimidation in Brigantine?

From NBC 40 TV:  In Brigantine, residents say they are angry and confused over a piece of mail they received last week, which tells their neighbors whether or not they voted.

Jacqueline Fabel has lived in Brigantine for 39 years with her husband Fred, and says last week she received a mailer from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, listing her, and her neighbors’ home addresses, and records of their voting history.

Fabel said, “My neighbors don’t care! It is an invasion of privacy that they want to let my neighbors know of whether I vote. I think the one reason that it really bothers me so much is to think that there is somebody out there, pretty much looking at what I am voting – not so much who, what, when, where – but that I am voting and thinks it’s necessary to notify my neighbors.”

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