VIDEO: City Council Meeting MAY 7. Overtime Abuse Accusations.

$1,900. A public employee paycheck for a day’s work in Brigantine. The Mayor admitted he didn’t know who had sign-off power on this kind of pay-out. The City Manager and the acting Public Safety Director reminded Council that they have no authority to stop this type of spending. A recently ruling was interpreted: acting chief or captains had ultimate authority on overtime scheduling and overtime pay-outs.

During the Brigantine City Council meeting on Wednesday night, May 7, 2014,  Council was bombarded by stories, facts and figures surrounding alleged overtime and other potential financial abuses within City government. Allegations of poor decision making by past city manager opened door for potential abuse: escalating overtime payouts, benefit and pension packages, full-time side jobs and public employee side businesses that could be a conflict of interest.

On May 13, eligible residents will decide whether or not this is an acceptable management of taxpayer funds. Click thru to watch video.

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