Watch FULL Video: Storm of 1962 in Brigantine

The island of Brigantine has endured many storm events. But the 1962 Nor-easter was one of the most devastating.

Click thru to watch the amazing, full 28 minute film from LOU BARONE, documenting what he saw during and after.

Also known as The Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962, it occurred on March 6–8, 1962 along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.

It lingered through five high tides over a three-day period, killing 40 people, injuring over 1,000 and causing hundreds of millions in property damage in six states.

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1 thought on “Watch FULL Video: Storm of 1962 in Brigantine”

  1. In 1962 my husband and I were stationed in Anchorage, Alaska with the Army. We heard on the TV about the damage in Brigantine. We called home and my mother said it was just a nor’easter and they were OK. They lived on 21st
    Street and there wasn’t any water in their basement. My father worked for the Water Department and had to tour the island every morning. He came home and told my mother that I, living 5000 miles away knew more about what happened the night before than they did and that the North end of the island was distroyed.

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