Video Clips: Brigantine City Council. June 21, 2014. Phil Guenther.

Click thru to view Brigantine City Council Meeting video clips from  (6/21) See full and part-time residents speak their mind about how local tax dollars are being spent. Phil Guenther stumbles.

WATCH Brigantine City Council Video Clips:

Public Union Employee: Tired, Angry, Paranoid

Brigantine Fire Department Captain; Joseph Maguire, tries to interrogate Councilwoman McClay. Takes verbal swipe at part-time resident. Local Brigantine taxpayer reminds Mayor Phil Guenther that employees are well paid.

Brigantine Girl Power!

Councilwoman Lisa McClay & City Manager Jen Blumenthal bury Mayor with financial facts.

Public Employee Contracts. We Must Take Money.

We’re doing nothing wrong. Anger vented towards part-time residents. Employee contracts OK’d by former city manager/public safety director; Jim Barber, is at root of financial problems.

Part-Time vs. Full Time Employees

Councilman Simpson reminded of drinking coffee and dissing Fire Department at the diner.

Some items NOT on the official agenda, but of great interest to all full and part-time residents:

  • Does the City Manager have final sign-off on overtime payouts, or do fire department captains still control that process? Has investigation into potential Brigantine overtime abuse started yet?
  • Who runs the Brigantine Triathlon? How much does city pay to have 3rd party run it? Who is third party? Does city make profit from this excellent event, or is it an expense to taxpayers? When will city make the Triathlon a cash-flow positive event for the taxpayers?
  • Why does it take so long for council meeting minutes to be posted? Why are ‘public comments’ regularly NOT included in the meeting minutes? When will council post full audio from council meetings? (YouTube video is not reliable)
  • Does City or Brigantine Chamber of Commerce have plan to address growing number of empty businesses on the island? Will council consider removing outdated and burdensome rules and restrictions on business owners? Will City and Chamber do more to become more ‘business friendly’ ?
  • What is status of Police & Fire union contracts? Will city consider arbitration to finally put this issue to bed?
  • Should city consider term limits for council members?

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