Water Weenie Attracts Competition for Summer 2015

The Water Weenie floating food vendor may have some neighborly competition next summer. Booted off the beaches of The Cove for a few weeks this past August, The Weenie was informed by Brigantine Police that they did not have proper license & certifications. The Water Weenie returned 2 weeks later and anchored their brightly colored pontoon boat in about 1 feet of water. The City of Brigantine said they had no jurisdiction over a floating vendor, so the floating Weenie was cool with them.

Two food vendors are reportedly prepping for Summer 2015, to pull up alongside the Water Weenie to offer their tasty treats to those who wade out into the shallows. The Weenie is a popular food vending boat, that was started & managed by entrepreneurial Brigantine public employees in their spare time. They’ve been pulling up onto the beach for the past 10 years, serving the hungry patrons enjoying our COVE and inlet beaches.

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