Where Will Brigantine Place All Those Ugly Pump Stations?

Mayor Simp Pumps You Up.

How would you feel if a real estate agent forgot to tell you about a massive pumping station being built right in front of the house you just bought? A new resident of Jenkins Parkway in Brigantine says she’s now living that nightmare.

Upwards of 5 water pumping stations will be constructed around the island. Most if not all, will be placed adjacent to residential homeowners. Some right in front of their house. Like on Jenkins Parkway.

Watch video from the recent Brigantine City Council meeting of Wed, April 17, 2019. A year-round Brigantine resident for the past 23 years. She lives on Jenkins Parkway, nestled between the golf course and the bay. She’s heartbroken. Watch video:

Brigantine Mayor Simpson: we don’t have to inform anyone [about those 5 pump station installs]

City of Brigantine had zero communication with local neighborhoods.

Did Brigantine Real Estate execs properly inform buyers & sellers of properties affected by these large, industrial machines? Good question. It’s certainly killing views. Neighbors mortified how this will hurt Real Estate values.

  • In July of 2016, Jenkins Parkway resident met with Brig DPW (Public Works) chief, John Doring. What are you doing about these sink holes? They’re dangerous. Doring: ‘We’re working on it’
  • Aug 2017. Doring: ‘Nothing more to tell ya’
  • 2017: A letter was received from city. ‘You’re in a flood zone’ warning. Residents disagree with that assessment. Could this be tactic to cover City’s ass? ‘Look, see this letter we sent you? It’s official. You NEED this. We’re from the government. We’re here to help.

Minimal pump station info from Brigantine DPW’s Doring or City Engineer, Magic Matt Doran.

Use it, or lose it. Too many towns scramble to find stuff to fix, even if it doesn’t need fixing. With lot’s of grant money on the line, watch for TEAM SIMP to ram thru this project in order to tap all that grant money

Residents being kept in the dark. How were we notified? Are these monstrosities really needed? Or is Brigantine just looking for expensive busy work?

OMG. What are they doing?

Jenkins Parkway Resident

Simpson tasking City Manager, CFO Tosto and our favorite city engineer, Magic Matt Doran to find a solution. Simp wants to know… can we move it? Can we afford to move it…or cancel it?

Simpson feigned fear of Brigantine getting sued if they don’t follow thru with pump station contract. Hmmm. Smells fishy. Who’s the contract with? Who’s threatening to sue?

Simpson: I wouldn’t want that [pump station] in my front yard either.

Minutes later, Simp changed his tune and shamed the affected resident: ‘You’re jeopardizing your neighbors’. [by objecting to pump station in middle of quiet neighborhood]

A Brigantine Real Estate exec familiar with this situation is alleged to have said: ‘It’s not that bad’.

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2 thoughts on “Where Will Brigantine Place All Those Ugly Pump Stations?”

  1. There’s a spot right in front of Simpson’s house. Right?

    As to getting sued by the contractor, perhaps they shouldn’t have entered a contract without fully informing all homeowners where these pumping station were going to be placed. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting sued.

    As to the City not being required to notify neighbors, why are residents required to notify every home within 200 feet every time you want to plant a flower, for Pete’s sake? Brigantine does not think it’s good governing to notify neighbors of such projects?

    Brigantine government at work.

  2. I have heard and read all the allegations , threats, billing, spending and wide spread I don’t know or remember. Question ? With all this alleged corruption, mis management, documents to go along to prove it.Has anyone bothered to contact state and Federal authorities about all of this. Or are they connected by state officials and turn a blind eye? Sure sounds like enough food to feed a Federal prosecutor if presented properly.So why hasn’t this site done that?

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