Who Should Keep Northend Beaches of Brigantine Safe?

Should BRIGANTINE City Council order safety patrols along the North End beaches, even though NJ state has taken control of its management?

Brigantine Police Chief Thomas Rehill, says police were alerted to an unconscious individual on Brigantine’s North End beach. Officers responded and took the individual to the hospital.

Looks like someone had too much to drink. They got lost & passed out. For 10 hours.

Outgoing Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther and Councilman Andy Simpson failed in their attempt to work with the NJ DEP. No longer does Brig City Hall have control like before.

Can Brigantine elected officials keep beach goers safe? Especially along the COVE and Northend beaches? Overcrowding of 4x4s on the beach, along with alcohol consumption, presents many challenges.

Mayor Phil Guenther faced some backlash for not being more pro-active with State officials. Why did we lose control of our beaches, residents want to know. NJ State will conduct its own internal review.

According to ShoreNewsToday & the Beachcomber, Brigantine Councilman and Mayoral hopeful, Rick DeLucry, questioned whether the DEP had specifically stated that the city should stop its regular patrols in the area. He said he believed that with an issue like public safety the city should take a more proactive approach.

“What’s the downside for us unilaterally resuming patrols and putting it on the DEP or somebody else to say, ‘No you cannot do that, we don’t want you to do that’?” DeLucry asked.

Lisa McClay, who said her husband was one of the men who called in the incident two weeks prior, supported DeLucry’s approach. She believed that while city did not have to enforce any of the state’s new restrictions, it should still take the necessary precautions in the North End.

Read More: https://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/currents_gazettes/brigantine/brigantine-council-debates-police-patrolling-of-north-end-natural-area/article_8f76bd75-5110-501d-a804-0458fc57dff2.html

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