Will BrigantineNOW Get New Ownership?

BrigantineYup. You heard right. The fast growing BrigantineNOW has been courted by potential suitors. But we’ve also been cursed at, blessed, threatened, hugged, dismissed, praised and everything in between.

It’s not easy being the only independent media operation covering the under-valued island of Brigantine Beach….full time.

And as you might have guessed, we’re not in the pocket of ANY political party. We like it that way, and by the looks of our fast growth, so do you. And we thank you for that continued support.

You see, we think Brigantine Beach has so much potential and so many amazing assets: the best beaches, world class fishing & boating, clean and safe streets, undervalued real estate, valuable proximity to Atlantic City and more. Unfortunately these assets have been under or mismanaged for a long time. But all that is changing. Finally.

BrigantineNOW loves being a part of the NEW Brigantine, one where investors are flowing in, property values are rising, and political / union battles are no longer a dominant issue.

Who ever thought that Brigantine City Council would have a majority shift? Who ever thought that independent voters would outnumber the Republicans on the island? Who ever thought that Brigantine Democrats would be hard core fiscal conservatives….and Brigantine Republicans would be supporting bigger government and high paid public union jobs?

And SHOCKER…..could Brigantine have it’s first female mayor come November? Stranger things have happened here on the Island you’ll love for life.

Yes sir. The tide is changing even faster than before. Out goes the rancid remains of rotting fish carcasses and Green Head politics, and in comes a refreshing surf full of new thinking, investment and positive vibes.

It’s gonna be a great Summer of 2014. Enjoy.



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