Winterize Your Brigantine Vacation Home

Tips for protecting your Jersey Shore investment. First off, what you do depends on location. The colder the climate, the more work you have. Here’s some best practices for Brigantine homeowners. 

  1. Turn Off Water Supply. Even if you decide to leave the heat on, turn off water coming into the house. If you lose power and the pipes freeze, when it gets warm there will be water everywhere
  2. Drain Pipes. After you shut off the water, drain the pipes in the house so there’s no water inside that can freeze
  3. Change Water Heater Settings- Many water heaters have a “vacation setting” marked on the dial. This will conserve energy and will keep water from freezing
  4. To Heat or Not to Heat? It’s advised to never shut your heat completely off when winterizing your home. Just turn heat to the lowest setting, but keep it going
  5. Power Down. If you want to leave some electricity on, just throw certain breakers into the “off” position. Unplug some electrical items
  6. Keep Interior Doors Open. Help the air circulate while all the exterior doors and windows are closed

A few quick tips for the outside too:

  • Prune your trees
  • Install a chimney cap
  • Care for sprinklers – Winterize
  • Secure your dock

We hope this helps you and your Brigantine home get through the cold winter.

 Lynn Seck Brigantine Real Estate

Lynn Seck



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