With Mayor in Hospital, Who’s Running Brigantine? Councilman Haney Wants Rental Ban Lifted NOW.

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With Brigantine Mayor Simpson still in the hospital, residents are asking: who’s running Brigantine?

Councilman Dennis Haney says even without Mayor Andy, we have to take action and keep the city running. We need to open up Brigantine short-term rentals.

Haney called into the Don Williams WOND radio show on May 29. Is Brigantine Deputy Mayor Sera afraid to make a move without Simpson? LISTEN:


WOND Radio host and Brigantine residents, Don Williams discussed the indecisiveness of Brigantine Council and Deputy Mayor Sera: They’re afraid to make a move without him.

Williams & Haney agree: Brigantine not operating with a full deck.

That shouldn’t be, says BTA President Anne Phillips. They need a better idea of how government functions.

Councilman Dennis Haney

BTA asked: What’s Mayor Simpson’s medical condition? We have a Deputy Mayor. Vince Sera has full authority to make decision. We don’t have to wait for Simpson’s return.

A council meeting is not needed to lift the short-term rental ban in Brigantine. Councilman Sera, now the acting Mayor of Brigantine, admitted he, along with council, can compel City Manager Jim Bennett to repeal the short-term vacation ban.

Haney: An emergency meeting should have been held this past Wednesday. People want action, says Haney. Seems that Deputy Mayor Sera, along with Council members Riordan, Bew & Lettieri were not in agreement.

Haney: Still no plan firmly in place. We could have everything open for this upcoming weekend. Has close to 200 emails.

Anne Phillips from Brigantine Taxpayers Association asked: What’s the condition of Mayor Andy Simpson? The public has a right to know about these things.

Phillips, like most others, wonders when Deputy Mayor Vince Sera will step up to the plate and lead.

Brigantine City Hall Indecisiveness says Don Williams of WOND Radio.

WOND’s Don Williams: Mayor Simpson is in the hospital. Press of AC, Brigantine Times and the City itself, all avoiding this critical story. Simpson will likely miss the June 3 meeting as well.

Refreshing to hear different points of view on Brigantine City Council.

Haney: Even with Mayor in hospital, Brigantine city government must still function. Acting Mayor Sera and council could, at any time, direct City Manager Jim Bennett to lift the ban immediately.

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10 thoughts on “With Mayor in Hospital, Who’s Running Brigantine? Councilman Haney Wants Rental Ban Lifted NOW.”

    1. Taxpayers are pissed. The Mayor and his deputy are responsible to lead. For years this town has been for benefit of the few at the expense of the many…
      Nothing but self serving pols getting their 5 min on Zoom. Property and business values be dammed.

    2. Councilman Haney first Republican to stand up to poor leadership in his own Party in decades.
      Haney is a breath of fresh air. If Council spent more time on fixing up vacant storefronts and less on petty inaction, we would all be better off.

      1. They aren’t stopping short term rentals. I went to see several homes for sale in brigantine and the real estate listing agents couldn’t get us in to see them because there were weekend renters in the homes. Whatever city council is saying isn’t being followed.

  1. Time to get back to basics in Brigantine. CLEAN UP YOUR DOG’S MESS! Three times this week on my lawn and walking to the beach today on Roosevelt, noticed 2 other healthy mounds of dog doodoo. Virus is no excuse for poor manners!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Do not think that your dog’s poop, while biodegradable, will do so immediately. It reeks, it’s an eyesore, and it promotes other dogs soiling in the same area to top each other’s mark. Do the sensible, classy, respectful thing, and pick up your dog’s droppings. Where is the fine for such actions when you need it!

  2. Dog poop? This is your main worry, when constitutional rights are discarded as mere details? Hello? Churches are locked, rental property owners default, hospitality workers are living on government handouts. And not by choice. Dog poop. Shame on you.

    1. All due respect, Lois…to each their own. While it may not infringe upon you, there are a lot of people who have properties on this island who get ignorant people thinking every lawn seen is a public restroom for thei pets. Shame on YOU for slapping down any person’s concerns. Shame on YOU for judging someone else’s plight because it doesn’t gel with your philosophy.

  3. Did you get your Brigantine School Tax refund yet? Atlantic County and Brigantine have a money surplus from COVID school closures. Don’t let them keep your money and tell you will see a drop in property tax.

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