Work on North End Seawall Continues

Work on the north end seawall in Brigantine continues, and it’s looking great. All new concrete, with other repairs & upgrades, are moving along nicely. Even the Brigantine Garden Club is getting ready to add their special touch to the project. CLICK to SEE PICTURES.

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3 thoughts on “Work on North End Seawall Continues”

  1. Now that the seawall is coming along nicely-what is the plan for the replacement of the memorials
    that were there before the storm?

  2. My house is at the North End. We have watched many beach replenishments and we are thankful for them…. BUT we are watching all the sand constantly blowing over the seawall into the street, in a major way. This was never the case before. We notice that the large rocks that were against the sea wall before Sandy… were not replaced. It seems that this may be the reason. In any event, it also appears that the beach is shortening already. The subject of jetties or some other change- perhaps on the South end jetties needs to be investigated.

  3. I paid for a memorial bench, it was there after Sandy. This is the first I am hearing about the benches being moved! Where are they? They took the money real fast, then they don’t notify anyone that they are moving them. Terrible!!

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