DeMasi of WPG Radio Recaps BLM Protest in Brigantine

pic: Brigantine Times

Listeners to WPG Radio voiced their disappointment in what they saw and heard at a recent Black Lives Matter march in Brigantine.

‘Talk with a Purpose’, hosted each Saturday morning by John DeMasi, had his phone lines ringing off the hook. Listen here:


The BLM march was organized by Alice Carcilli. It featured invited speakers like Susan Korngut of Northfield, Patrick Jeanty of Atlantic City, and Reverend John Scotland of Brigantine.

Pic: Brigantine Times.

Brigantine’s Robert Polillo opened the rally by singing God Bless America.

Jeanty recorded the entire event via his smart phone. See video below.

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2 thoughts on “DeMasi of WPG Radio Recaps BLM Protest in Brigantine”

  1. It is no longer about “Black lives matter” but about spreading anarchy and hate. The movement has been coopted by the radical left, bent on destroying America. Too bad so many well intentioned but uniformed people are getting sucked in. Where is the rage for the black on black killing! We don’t here a peep from the race baiters, or elitists. Inner city poor will be the real victims as police are vilified!

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