Brigantine 2015 Employee Salary Chart & Highlights. Enjoy.

  • 170 employee positions in 2015. That’s 12 more employees than 2014
  • 31 employees make over $100,000 in base salary
  • $10.3 mil in total base salaries (inc. holiday, longevity, stipends, clothing, etc)
  • $359,000 in total 2015 longevity pay (bonus for showing up)
  • $2.3 million for employee health payments

Click to See 2015 Brigantine Salary Chart >>  Brigantine Salary Chart 2015


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6 thoughts on “2015 Salary Chart – BRIGANTINE MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES”

  1. Those salaries are insane!!!

    Beside city hall being 1/3 over staffed I really do not have a problem with most of the salaries except for Absentee Eddie Stinson and the Finance department (what do they do given what we know about the books and records).
    Public works is a total joke, overstaffed and over paid. Could reduce by 1/3 at minimum.
    Dispatch seems okay except for being overstaffed. Could reduce by 1/5 at min.
    Fire prevention, I can deduce isn’t doing their job since Fire dept is grossly overstaffed and overpaid.
    Police are grossly overpaid and over staffed. 40 positions and $5.5M…insane! Could reduce by positions and cut pay 1/3.
    Fire is grossly overpaid and over staffed. 33 positions and $3.1M… insane! Could cut positions and pay in half.

  2. Isn’t it truly the most wonderful time of year? The time when the Brigantine Municipal Welfare Salaries are released! Don’t us law abiding taxpayers just love to see our hard earned money be handed out to to these municipal welfare recipients for nothing in some cases. I’m sure some those municipal welfare recipients with self respect do earn a portion of their welfare but most I’m certain do not.
    Everyone should take a look at those absolutely ridiculous salary structure when you kick your feet up later on today after work. Please take a good hard look where and how your hard earned tax dollars are being squandered. Let us know if you take comfort knowing that you’re hard earned dollars are making each and every one of those Municipal Welfare Recipients life comfy and cozy?
    Brig Business as usual genius plan to assure votes and positions of power
    The best Municipal Welfare Program money can buy
    Career politicians, perpetual salaries and benefits zero accountability

  3. I’ve known about this for many years. Why don’t the people support the BTA? They are trying to do something about all of the bad things going on in this city. If they had more support they probably could do more for the people here.

  4. Ever seen the the movie Cop Land (Stallone, De Niro, Harvey Keitel etc…) ?? Great movie.
    Brigantine is like this. The “Take care of your own” mentality,,, screw/bilk others, over 70%
    of homeowners, to make things go the way _they_ want and make sure they alllllll get paid.

    Curious – in the salary chart, I didn’t notice the Brigantine school district’s (2 small schools
    are considered a district??) employee salaries.
    They aren’t “municipal” employees? Where then would their salaries/pensions/budget fall upon?

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