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Tough Love for Brigantine: Schools, Business and Real Estate Trends in 2018.

Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) has penned another open letter to the residents of Brigantine. The BTA asked: What’s Ahead for Brigantine? Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in Brigantine, as influenced by the BTA’s recent letter. The residential population of Brigantine is in steady decline. In

Brigantine Public Employee Salary Chart 2018

The Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) has published the 2018 Brigantine public employee salary chart. Facts about the salaries of public employees are a public record. The BTA presents these facts as a public service to help Brigantine taxpayers evaluate their municipal government’s expenditure of taxes and revenue. Summary: 2018 SALARIES

Council OK’s Homeowner Dune Maintenance in Brigantine. DEP in Dark?

Some consider this an environmental crime in Brigantine. Screwing with the dunes without DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) approval. Dune maintenance permits for a select group of private beachfront homeowners. Watch Brigantine City Council from 11.7.2018 > Special rights handed out to favored homeowners, in order to groom dunes to

How Election Results Affect Brigantine Homeowners, Flood Insurance and Real Estate

What can Brigantine expect from last night’s election results? What does a new Congress mean for Brigantine Real Estate? We’re guessing plenty of gridlock with tax reform, flood insurance and other housing policy. Brigantine homeowners can expect flat Real Estate values and additional retail store closings. The epidemic of vacant store

Taking Back Brigantine. Step by Step Guide by Albert Zini

Brigantine homeowners, especially those who invested heavily in secondary vacation homes, have been stepping up their inquiries into a variety of questionable City Hall financial activity. For over 15 years, Brigantine has been consistently identified as having some of the worst record keeping & financial accounting of any small town

Sera & Simpson Accused of Brigantine School Funding Scam, Plan to Shutter Popular Sea-Tots?

BrigantineNOW learned of another, sad story of Brigantine Green Head Politics in action. The following post comes from comments posted here on Sept 4, 2018. Here are some excerpts, lightly edited for clarity: Hello, my name is William Kuchinsky. My wife Joanne and I own Sea Tot’s Early learning Center.