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NJ State Audit: Brigantine Multiple Financial Violations, $4.5mil Pension Deficit, Insurance Scams & Over-payments.

After decades of flying under the radar, Brigantine has finally been audited by the New Jersey State Comptroller. That’s according to a scathing, but much needed report from The Press of Atlantic City. Brigantine lacks adequate policies and procedures when it comes to the oversight of sick time, overtime, comp

Brigantine Police Chief Retirement Payout, Thanks to OPRA Request

Can Brigantine really afford these rich, public employee contracts? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as the Police Chief revolving door cranked out another big pay day. After less than 2 years in that position, Tim Reed has announced he will retire. Ask and you shall receive. We appreciate the

Alleged Victim in Sexual Harassment Claim against Former Brigantine Police Chief Suing City

JAN 29, 2012. PRESS of ATLANTIC CITY > Colleen Felix, alleged victim of sexual harassment by former Brigantine Police Chief Jim Frugoli, claims the former city manager violated a confidentiality clause by speaking to media – and now she’s suing the city for damages relating to the harassment. SEE COMPLAINT

Investigation of former Brigantine Police Chief; Jim Frugoli

MARCH 2011 Press of Atlantic City An internal investigation of former Brigantine police Chief Jim Frugoli found that he violated the department’s sexual harassment policy by making “offensive or derogatory comments” toward a department employee, including that “he slapped her on the behind,” called her names such as “Sugar Lips” and would