Brigantine Taxpayers

Brigantine Public Employee Salary Chart 2018

The Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) has published the 2018 Brigantine public employee salary chart. Facts about the salaries of public employees are a public record. The BTA presents these facts as a public service to help Brigantine taxpayers evaluate their municipal government’s expenditure of taxes and revenue. Summary: 2018 SALARIES

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Refund: Dune Carve-Out in Brigantine. DEP Duped?

In 2015, Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther lowered taxes for one lucky resident who seems to have removed protected dunes in order to have more private, beachfront space. Guenther wanted the property value of 406 23rd Street South reduced by $384,000. A refund was issued for $6,554.88. Should this ‘restricted’ parcel get a

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Who Owns Most Property Along South Jersey Shore?

Who owns the most South Jersey shore real estate? It’s those from Philadelphia and its suburbs, who own the majority of seashore property. That’s according to a recent report at Philly Area Residents Dominate Jersey Shore Home-Ownership Of course… this report fired up the comments section. Many went overboard and

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