Likely Impacts from Quick-Moving Coastal...What a difference 24 hours makes as things have come
together for a likely snow event later today. A coastal system quickly develops close enough to the coast for
snow to develop around mid-afternoon. While the initial flakes likely melt on treated surfaces, the prior cold
and expected intensity of the snow will be enough for all surfaces to cover up soon after starting. Snow
continues to fall at a moderate (perhaps heavy) intensity through the PM rush, and then eventually tapers
off this evening. We are likely in heaviest bands from this system, so the higher end of totals are in play. We
are expecting skies to clear rather quickly this evening, and with temperatures below freezing, there is a
heightened threat of a freeze-up of wet surfaces and slush.
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Mother Nature sensed I was back on the island!😆


2 days ago

Brigantine Beach CER

Thank you to all of the kids (and adults) that came out to wave to Santa tonight. The South End Island Ride was a success. Tomorrow night the North End gets a visit. See you then. ... See MoreSee Less

Brigantine City Council Video >

Brigantine Fishing

2017 NEW JERSEY Fishing Seasons, Limits & Regulations


  • Striped Bass: One fish from 28 inches to less than 43 inches, one fish greater than 43 inches. No closed season 0-3 miles from shore
  • Summer Flounder: 18.'” min size, 3/angler, May 21 – Sept 9
  • Tautog: 15″ min size, January 1 – Feb 28 (4 fish), April 1 – April 30 (4 fish), July 17 – Nov. 15 (1 fish) and Nov 16- Dec 31-(6 fish)
  • Weakfish: 13″ minimum size, 1/angler, no closed season
  • Winter Flounder: 12″ min size, 2/angler, Mar. 1- Dec 31
  • Black Drum: 16″ min size, 3/angler, no closed season**Proposed size limit of 32 inches pending hearings**
  • Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2” min. open 5/23-6/19 (10 fish); 12-1/2” min open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 13” min open 10/22-12/31 (15 fish)
  • Blue Crab: 3″ minimum size for peeler/shedder 3-1/2″ for soft shell 4-1/2″ hard shell. Limit one bushel
  • Bluefish: No minimum size, 15/angler, no closed season
  • Red Drum: 18″-27″ slot size, 1/angler, no closed season

We are getting very close to announcing the new 4x4 assist club that we will be starting very soon. It will be Brigantine Beach 4x4 Assist and you will now be able to pay one nominal fee once a year to join and that will give you access to a 24 hour tow service provided to the Brigantine 4x4 users. It will be a lot more than just getting you out of the sand. If you need a jump, lock your keys in the car , lose your keys, run out of gas or anything else that prevents your truck from moving on the beach we will be here to help you. You will no longer have to be afraid of paying anywhere from 250.00 to 600.00 to get your truck moving again. Dave Tefankjian (Brigantine Auto and Marine ) approached me with this idea and we are running with it. It will be a great asset to all the Brigantine Beach 4x4 users. We all have been stuck or in a jam on the beach one or ten times and how much we dreaded calling for help and it costing an arm and a leg to get out. Well we have taken the fear out and all you have to do is join the club and you will have 24/7 365 coverage. More details to follow.

Capt Andy
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Not saying this is a bad idea, it's a good one. But why is a fee necessary? I assume if it is just a group of people willing to help each other out, there should be no overhead. Like someone else mentioned why not just create a closed Facebook group?

Good luck, I’m sure there will be plenty of takers. Of course the ones who really need it probably don’t have a permit but that’s another issue.

This is great. I had a 4x4 and got stuck. Hopefully this doesn't encourage more douchebags in their smart cars to take a joy ride

Great idea considering all the pictures you guys have with people getting their coupes and sedans stuck in the sand

Great idea....probably a closed group page on Facebook would work....just a suggestion

How much??

Thanks Mon. 8|

Very cool

Nice! Good idea

Great idea!

Great Idea

Great idea

Great idea!

Stephanie Price

Jennifer Michelle

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6 days ago

Bayside Marina

The fishing is far from over as we had an epic day Sunday off Brigantine. We released over 40 stripers! Had 4 double mojo hook ups, all three of us were hooked up twice and were surrounded by thousands of gannets for hours. Here's Matthew with his largest for 2017 at 41 inches. ... See MoreSee Less

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Whose boat?

Looks more than a little sporty so I’m glad you found them!

That's a helluva crew right there ✊️

Damn that’s awesome

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