Brigantine City Council Meeting. Sept 19, 2018

Most members of Brigantine City Council want to allow a small handful of homeowners to trim and modify the dune system adjacent to their beachfront homes. Councilman DeLucry is the only one to vote against, what he calls, one of the most asinine ordinances ever considered.

Council also mentioned their continued challenge with recording and posting these public meetings to YouTube. This technical issue has been going on for about 6 years. Thanks to all who pressured Councilmen Simpson, Sera and Riordan to turn the video feeds back on.

Brigantine Clam Daddy

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Brigantine Fishing

  • Striped Bass: One fish from 28 inches to less than 43 inches, one fish greater than 43 inches. No closed season 0-3 miles from shore
  • Summer Flounder: 18.’” min size, 3/angler, May 25 – Sept 22
  • Tautog: 15″ min size, January 1 – Feb 28 (4 fish), April 1 – April 30 (4 fish), July 17 – Nov. 15 (1 fish) and Nov 16- Dec 31-(6 fish)
  • Weakfish: 13″ minimum size, 1/angler, no closed season
  • Winter Flounder: 12″ min size, 2/angler, Mar. 1- Dec 31
  • Black Drum: 16″ min size, 3/angler, no closed season**Proposed size limit of 32 inches pending hearings**
  • Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2” min. open 5/23-6/19 (10 fish); 12-1/2” min open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 13” min open 10/22-12/31 (15 fish)
  • Blue Crab: 3″ minimum size for peeler/shedder 3-1/2″ for soft shell 4-1/2″ hard shell. Limit one bushel
  • Bluefish: No minimum size, 15/angler, no closed season
  • Red Drum: 18″-27″ slot size, 1/angler, no closed season
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