2023 Goudy Memorial Lifeguard Rescue Races

Gouday Lifeguard Art
Goudy Memorial Races

The 2023 John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races were held in Ventnor on Friday, Aug 18.

The best and most fun. 18 beach patrols. Ocean conditions unparalleled this year. The waves were beautiful, powerful and exactly what made this race the best of the season.

Photo by Rusty Silverman.

The Goudy Memorials are simulated rescue races showcasing skills necessary for competent ocean lifeguards.

John T. Goudy (1911-1967) was a long-time U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and World War II hero. The John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races give tribute to his legacy and include doubles surfboat rescue, the individual swim rescue, the combination rescue (with a crew and a swimmer), and the individual surfboat rescue.

For third year in a row, Atlantic City took first place. Harvey Cedars finished second. Ventnor and Longport tied for third place.

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