Archive: BRIGANTINE Website & Transparency Mis-management

Watch 2014 Video.

City of Brigantine has long history of mismanaging city assets and resources.

Brigantine especially bad at online communication. Internet security and management.

This 9 yr old video provides some insight into whether Brigantine can manage online Short Term Rental challenges.

Glitches. Website Confusion. Video from OCT 2014.

Multiple contradictions by then Brigantine Police Chief Reed whose voice trembles when answering simple questions.

Mayor Guenther covers for Reed. Council playing dumb. Verbally sparring with residents. Multiple inaccuracies, or downright lies.

Story always changing.

City of Brigantine website is owned by taxpayers, but, City employees seem to manipulate content. Lose content. Misplace content.

Note: Reed also ran a non-sanctioned ‘city business directory’ that angered the Brigantine business chamber.

Brigantine always keeping 2nd homeowners in the dark.

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1 thought on “Archive: BRIGANTINE Website & Transparency Mis-management”

  1. I have no words other than karma will catch up with them . And I rely on that in order to get through all this nonsense stress free with the STR MATTER. I’m hoping our neighbors will find peace with all of this.

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