Ban Smoking on the Beach?

BrigantineNo smoking on the beaches? That’s what the NJ state Assembly committee on Tourism and Gaming wants. They just passed a proposal to outlaw smoking at the beaches and other recreational areas. The bill needs full support from the Assembly, something most say is a long-shot. Catching a smoke would still be cool in beach parking lots.

Supporters say the NJ beach smoking ban would eliminate exposure to harmful secondhand smoke and cut down on litter. The proposed law says: “the prohibition of smoking a public parks and beaches would better preserve the natural assets of this state by reducing litter and increasing fire safety in those areas, while lessening exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke among the public.”

Proposed Fines:

  • $250 for first offense
  • $500 for second offense
  • $1,000 for subsequent offenses

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3 thoughts on “Ban Smoking on the Beach?”

  1. Smoker that bring ashtray but respects the second hand smoke ban

    I am a smoker that when I go to the beach I always used to bring a container for my cig butts for better words , so I was not one of the litter bugs that ruin it for everyone. However I do respect others and second hand smoke isn’t really second hand smoke outdoors unless your blowing it directly in people’s faces ,but I always respect non smokers . But don’t agree that the people that litter hurt it for us who do not litter.

  2. leigh Ann Petrino

    Yes, I’m a smoker. There’s, that’s said. I also always clean up after myself. I carry a smokeless ashtray with me and pick-up other peoples trash as well. I sit as far away from others as possible. I pay tax’s here and I care about our Island more than some people that let their children run amok leaving trash drop wherever they may be at the time. Not to mention dirty diapers. AND what about all the underage drinkers. I see them nearly every week.. They leave their trash as well. They cuss every other word out of their mouths. I’ve seen them practically having sex in front of little children, even me and I’m older! Why aren’t you going after these law-breakers 1st!! I don’t want to see that..I’m seriously considering leaving Brigantine. This saddens me because I and my husband had wanted to retire here but things are getting ridiculous. I can’t even relax on my day off with the sun on my face and a ciggy in my hand! 25 years of wasteing my time living here is how I feel. I want my part of “land of the free.”.

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