Battle for Brigantine Ice Cream Continues

Brigantine Beach Ice Cream Wars
I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by….

Bummer. The simple act of selling an ice cream sandwich on Brigantine Beach is still being debated. At the rate this is going, we’ll get to enjoy a vanilla cone on Briggy Beach by sometime in January.

At the City Council meeting on Thursday night (June 7), the verbal food fight continued over how and who….will sell drippy, yummy, cool and creamy treats to our sun worshippers. While this incredibly complex, highly technical negotiation festers, we’re just gonna head up to WAWA and grab a frozen pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Think we’ll go with Cherry Garcia. Problem solved.

Where’s your favorite place to get ice cream in Brigantine? Tell us below in the comment box.

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1 thought on “Battle for Brigantine Ice Cream Continues”

  1. Keep JIM! leave the vets make a living…i am annoyed by ringing bell every second and trash at entrance for 5th street north but im not a scrooge….leave jim be..nice man, always r=friendly, kids love him, real deal…Leave the vets alone..

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