Boosting Brigantine Business

Some good news…and some bad news. First, the bad news: The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce website is still dead as a door knob. It might look new, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t magically update itself. Shameful, especially since Summer is almost here.

The good news: Brigantine City Manager; Jen Blumenthal, teamed up with Lt. Tim Reed of the Brigantine PD to launch a new website for the city. Bravo. Nicely done.

More good news: BrigantineNOW is offering all local Brigantine businesses a free listing in the NEW, Brigantine Business Directory.… MUCH more powerful than a printed brochure that may or may not be seen. A free 30 day listing in our Brigantine Business Directory is packed with features like maps, Google/search friendly, photos and it’s easy to use on a smart phone.


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2 thoughts on “Boosting Brigantine Business”

  1. Question about Chamber of Commerce— I saw an ad in local newspapers from Chamber of Commerce regarding a Brigantine directory, and to cut out and mail in your address info. I thought it was a trip back to the 60s. Wouldn’t email or a website encourage more participation. I cant see anyone cutting out an ad and mailing it?

  2. I will give you my radio scanner for 1 month free of charge to hear what our police and fire/EMTs do for a living. The Chamber is a bunch of volunteers trying to make the City work.We have no Tourism Commission.

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