Brigantine Beach Blast – 4×4 Parade: Winners & PICTURES !

Congrats to Kim and Kurt Grahsler of Brigantine- 1st prize winners for best decorated SUV at Brigantine’s 4×4 Beach Blast & Parade on Saturday, May 19. Click through for great pictures.

The Groove, Brigantine
‘The Groove’ was a BIG hit on the beach.

It sorta seemed like a ghost town last Saturday. Streets & businesses were quiet throughout most of the day. But when you stepped onto the beach, it was an absolute party. Big crowds, happy families and over 300 vehicles parading along Brigantine Beach.

Excellent tunes were provided by Briggy’s favorite local band; ‘The Groove’  and Ken Schaffer of Schaffer Sound. A bombastic bonfire capped off the big day.

Click below to see all the pics.

[SlideDeck2 id=4105]


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