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2015-02-25_6-06-28City taxpayers paying $2,769.55 bill for repairs to a Brigantine Police Tahoe. This could be the vehicle that was rear-ended by off-duty Brigantine firefighter; Eric Ireland. The Tahoe SUV was driven by on-duty Brigantine police officer; Richard Deleon, who was stopped at an intersection.

According to Brigantine Police: Erik Ireland, resident & off-duty firefighter for the City of Brigantine, rear-ended a stopped police vehicle being driven by Officer Rich DeLeon.

On Saturday, October 25 at 3:58 pm, DeLeon was reported to have stopped for crossing pedestrians at the intersection of Brigantine Ave. & 20th St. south. Officer DeLeon was on duty driving a Police Department Chevy Tahoe SUV.

DeLeon was then struck from behind by a red Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by the off-duty Ireland, who had his two children in the car with him. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and were towed from the scene. See Ireland’s damaged vehicle below.

No word on who was at fault in that accident or if a ticket was issued.

See Bill Pay here

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine BUZZ Feb 25”

  1. Wait, you can rear end a cop, not get arrested or ticketed, and not have to pay for the repairs because the taxpayers foot the bill? Gotta love Brigantine. Glad I sold my property last year.

  2. Ha… agree with D. Matthews. Just watching all these properties go down in value because the powers in charge are raping the town. When these properties drop 50% or more I might consider buying. What a waste to watch a great vacation town with so much upside being destroyed by it leaders in power. The State of New Jersey needs to take control before this town turns into a waste land.

  3. so agree with the others. I would sell our house tomorrow if I could get out what we put into it. What a waste of a beautiful island. People better wake up!

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