Brigantine Buzz Kill. Water Weenie & Ice Cream Banned on Beach?

It’s been reported that Brigantine officials have successfully banned another ‘Fun’ attraction along our shorelines. The very popular ‘Water Weenie’ found at the COVE for the past few summers, has been forced out of it’s convenient location on the beach.

Recently, NBC 10 TV covered another food vendor issue in Brigantine. Why do kids have to cross a busy street for Ice Cream in Brigantine?


RIP Water Weenie. We will miss you. What do you think? Place your comments below.

Brigantine Buzz Kill

Water Weenie Comments:

  • Lynn Sweeney: Why? Did they violate health codes? In an extremely poor economy people put there trying to make a living and once again politics and corrupt Government screws the voters. Y’all should be ashamed!
  • Alex Brigden: I’m fairly certain that this is collateral damage due to ice cream being sold on a raft at the Cove. You can’t shut one down and not the other. This is a shame. Many people rely upon The Weenie for food on the weekends. My kids always looked forward to getting water ice during the days too. The owners are great people and don’t deserve this. Way to go Brigantine, you screwed this whole situation up big time.
  • Mick Bodine I wonder which Democrat council member has a business interest that is in conflict with this guy? That always seems to be the case when you dig a little deeper.
  • Taylor Cena: Wasn’t the water weenie owned by current city worker or workers over last 10 years or so? Brig needs to update all vendor rules. But also keep in mind local businesses that hire workers and pay taxes to city……balance & common sense needed.
  • Chuck Palmer Sr. They are killing this island.
  • Martha Singh: Let”s make Brigantine as unfriendly as we can! Rethinking whether I want to stay there. Margate or Longport is looking pretty good about now!
  • Al DiBona: Unless your’re born there you don’t stand a chance.
  • Eric Matuzsan: Speak with council member Rick Delucry as he spear headed the ice cream business as Mayor Guenther and Councilman Andy Simpson insisted we have these businesses. 
  • Karl Pyatt: All vendors MUST be licensed and regulated to do business on our public lands. The beaches and waterways not free enterprise zones for businesses to exploit for personal gain. The alternative is to have countless vendors walking up down the beaches hawking jewelry, soda, time shares etc etc etc t…
  • Cindy Borst Orenstein: REAL SAD!
  • Daria Christinzio Harasym: That’s a real shame !!! What wrong with this town!!
  • Tiffany Higginbotham: That is so wrong they had good food
  • Bobby Hendrickson: Really? SMH!! I never had a problem at all with anything on their menu. Food was great! I actually looked forward to grabbing a bite to eat at the Water Weenie when I rode to Brigantine on my ski
  • Jessica Morris-Mule: You really got to be kidding me!
  • Jeremy Bowers: Sad- I went to ocean grove this weekend and it was great seeing all the vendors on the beach.. Brigantine- needs to get their act together.
  • Maria Lewis: yet another stupid decision on behalf of County management…..let’s just blow ourselves up AGAIN and AGAIN…..
  • Tom Russo: There must be a reason for these actions they just don’t randomly do this
  • Margaret Hare: What is wrong with this town. They want to make it as unfriendly as possible!
  • Mike Rossi: Got to love Brigantine. A great American example of communism (and I am probably the least political person you will ever meet) What a joke.
  • Ryan Kohl: I’m Gonna cry
  • Gerri Hurley Moore: How sad! They weren’t hurting anything and it was a nice convenience.
  • Christian Lucia: How and why is this happening.
  • John Storms: Ya gotta give em a taste of the profits to keep them off your back. It’s no different than the mafia.

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18 thoughts on “Brigantine Buzz Kill. Water Weenie & Ice Cream Banned on Beach?”

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me! Let me send my sincere thanks to a city government that waited ’till I sunk a half a million bucks in a home before going completely off the rails. No ice cream on the beach and now a ban on the Weenie? I live a block from the cove and me and my Jeep love the place. What violation was the Weenie violating and why did it take two years to determine that it was a violation? My goodness, could this town get any more anti-small business? When will the city manager give a reason for this?


      Our family is staying at Brigantine Hotel. At 4:45 we were rinsing off at the Hotel’s 15th street shower. We saw the Ice Cream truck drive by, so we flagged him down. They pulled down our street so we could buy some ice cream. Within 20 seconds a police car pulled up next to his truck and told him in a very hostile tone: “Do not video me. You’re pushing your luck”.

      The ice cream man responded that he was only there for 20 seconds. After ice cream man left, policeman told us we have to walk to the corner to buy ice cream. I have 3 children, this is ridiculous.

      I have discovered that the policeman was the chief of police. My father was a policeman. What I witnessed today is harassment and selective enforcement.

      Brigantine has changed very much since we came here as children.

    2. This is a real shame and a loss to Brigantine. My wife and I have been enjoying their food for years. It was great knowing you didn’t have to bring food and worry about trash. “BB”…….Brigantine Blows!

    3. The Water Weenie boat was originally started by a City of Brigantine employee. Then is was passed on to several different City of Brigantine employees (including a now-EX chief of police). Now that people own it who AREN’T city employees it’s being banned…….HMMMM

  2. I’m so glad that boat is gone. They took up almost the whole section at the lagoon – loud music and partying. This is a family place-not really for partying. Mostly ‘boating’ folks used them anyway. All others, who actually have to purchase a pass from the township of Brigantine and follow the rules, bring their own food. We say good riddance to them…more spots at the Cove for the SUV’s !

    1. Are talking about the ordinance that says no alcohol and picnicking on the beach?

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion , but not there own set of facts.

      Plus, I guess the water weenie was just a tad smaller than the Titanic. I could not even get a tan due to the huge shadow that it cast on the beach.

    2. What’s a whole section?…The boat takes up 10-12 feet of beach, along with the other countless water crafts that are there.

    3. You are obviously NOT from Brigantine. If you were you would KNOW that we are NOT a township. Go home please & leave us in peace!

  3. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion please know that my opinions differ from the Lynn Sweeney who commented on this topic. I am not on Facebook and was surprised to hear from several residents about “my comments”. Again, I have nothing against the other Lynn Sweeney and respect her right to voice her opinions however these are her thoughts and certainly not mine.
    Lynn Sweeney, RMC, City Clerk for the City of Brigantine

  4. Francis Harrison

    I can’t believe this City Council. They shut down a very hard working family that was providing a service to all of our 4-wheel and boating summer guests at the cove. This service was at this spot on the south end of this Island for many years. It used to belong to one of our City workers for years before the present family took over for the last few years (the city worker never had any City Council intrusion when they operated it). The Water Weenie was a great addition to the cove. What happen to the Grandfather Clause that should have covered it…..

  5. I dont even know how that boat could have passed code. Raw meat in the hot sun. I always wondered how they were even allowed to do that. I assume it was run by someone with connections.

  6. Hey Debbie, You bring new meaning to the term idiot! I go to the cove by boat and 4×4 and always looked forward to the Weenie Wagon. And as far as them taking up the lagoon shows how much you go down to the cove. They’ve been out front all summer you putz.

  7. I am sooooooo tired of Govt at federal, state & local levels. All you politicians got your priorities backwards. ALL YOUR DOING IS HURTING YOUR OWN CITIZENS. If your able too, “think about it”, freakn Morons

  8. Ru kidding me.did u sit next to the boat in the water.get a life there’s plenty of beach to tan on.the cove doesn’t need miserable people like you

  9. Just wondering – did the Weenie sell food cash only? Did they give a receipt showing 7% NJ sales tax? Did they have their health cert posted in view as required by law ?

    Lot of crybabies whining about them being gone, but if other businesses have to comply with certs, licenses and PAY taxes..(on ALL of their sales) then the Weenie should too.

  10. The city has taken away a great asset of Brigantine Island. What a unique experience to walk your children or grandchildren to the family friendly floating snack bar. Why not wait until after Labor Day to address the concerns the City has? Issues could be resolved before Memorial Day, 2015.

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