Brigantine City Council Video. DEC 2, 2015

Brigantine City Council from DEC 2, 2015.

  • Announcement made that Joe Piccardi (D) has resigned from council.
  • A $4 million un-funded liability still exists for Brigantine taxpayers.
  • Council may use ACIA; Atlantic County Improvement Authority, to manage golf course. Taxpayers may still liable for certain Brigantine golf course expenses, even if Atlantic County (ACIA) manages.
  • Council looking to replace Mad Dog Morgan as manager of struggling Food & Beverage at Links Golf Course. No info available on ‘effective cost per round’ or net profit / inventory management at Brigantine Links Golf Course & Pro Shop.
  • A website called 24/7 Wall Street calls Brigantine the 6th most ‘vacant’ town in America in their Ghost Town story. Chamber president Mike Brennan blames the Internet for spreading gossip.
  • City manager Stinson explains confusion over 12 new hires in Brigantine. Two new dispatchers hired for Brigantine. In conflict with County Exec Levinson’s request for a shared, county-wide dispatch service.

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