Brigantine Dept of Public Works PREP for SANDY

Many thanks to Ernie Purdy & the Brigantine Department of Public Works for working their tails off over the past few days.

They worked tirelessly to get Brigantine Beach ready for HURRICANE SANDY

Check out these amazing photos. Click on pics to expand and play slide show.

5 thoughts on “Brigantine Dept of Public Works PREP for SANDY”

  1. Yes they are amazing. I have seen him (Ernie) personally driving a snowplow, and doing whatever it takes for Brigantine!

  2. I recently had a flat tire, and Officer George ODonohue put the spare on it. He was so kind! Kudos to Brigantine Police Dept., esp. Officer Donohue. Many Thanks.

  3. I was recently to Brigantine and went to the Library and Community Center. They were the best I have ever been to. Everything was spotless, everyone was helpful, the children’s play area was fantastic. Good luck on this terrible storm and I hope Sandy spared them.

  4. Regarding the Sandy Relief Grant money – They are stalling and stalling , and making things up , like they didn’t get this or that report, which they did, just to stall, to lie, so flood victims don’t get help . HGI, the same corporate people who did Katrina relief are now doing Sandy …God help us ! One year in waiting ! Victims of Sandy deserve better than this !

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