Former Brigantine Developer Cocco Files New Links Golf Course Complaint Against City

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A lawsuit by former Brigantine Real Estate developer; Tom Cocco, was the topic of a City Council executive session on Wednesday night May 20.

Cocco has resurrected, refreshed and re-filed his 1990 complaint against The City of Brigantine for a laundry list of items featuring The Links at Brigantine Golf Course, Real Estate covenants, zoning restrictions in perpetuity, public housing, sub-division issues, and threats of non-stop litigation.

See below: portions of the complaint filed in Superior Court and hand delivered to the Brigantine City Clerk’s office.

Click Here to View Agreement between Cocco and City of Brigantine 1990  PDF

Click Here to View Complaint Filed Against City of Brigantine Oct 22, 2014  PDF

The Links at Brigantine Golf was also supposed to live up to certain zoning restrictions… in perpetuity.

Today, builders are erecting homes on land that once was considered un-buildable. This may explain why Ron Jaworski Golf had their preliminary lease bid publicly bad-mouthed amid a constant barrage of attacks on Jaworski’s character & golf industry background

A local Brigantine residents group inquired: Did recently filed complaint against Brigantine in regards to golf course get disclosed to appropriate parties?

The Brigantine Links Golf Course was never to cost the taxpayers a dime. Well, at least that was the original plan. Today, it’s a taxpayer subsidized, city asset that is no longer self-sustaining. Any profit from the valuable ‘food & beverage’ is now being directly funneled to Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan and Ron Jackson’s corporate LLC in Florida called Meadowbrook.

The Links at Brigantine Golf is quietly being readied for non-profit status featuring a board of directors hand picked by Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson and the majority council members.


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