Brigantine GOP Response to Dem’s Tax Increase

PRESS RELEASE : Brigantine Republican Club. June 2013

Democrats say “Nah” to Cutting Your Taxes.

In the ultimate display of arrogance, sophomoric behavior, and total disregard for the impact of their tax increase on you and your family, the Democrat members of City Council actually voted “nah” on the Simpson-Guenther tax cutting budget amendment at the May 1, City Council meeting.

Democrat Council members Pullella, Kern, McClay, Picardi and DeLucry tried to hit the taxpayers even harder with an original budget proposal that called for a 14% increase and was based on a manufactured crisis that underestimated the Sandy cleanup reimbursement, beach tag revenues, and calculated a retirement liability as if all municipal employees were going to retire in 2013. They only reduced their original tax increase to 7% because Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson, and concerned taxpayers objected to their outrageous plan.

The truth of the matter is that they could have done more to provide Brigantine taxpayers with relief this year as households damaged by Superstorm Sandy strive to meet the unexpected expenses not covered by their flood insurance. The Simpson-Guenther proposal would have cut the increase in your municipal tax by over 70% this year; when you and your family really need it.

The average Brigantine taxpayer will pay approximately $420.00 more in taxes in 2013.

Therefore, the grandiose tax-cutting promises made by the Democrats on their expensive billboard on Route 30 last year have proven to be simply deceptive and the usual empty campaign rhetoric. And, following the lead of their political leader, Tony Pullella, they have the nerve to blame their violation of the public trust on someone else…….sound familiar?

PRESS RELEASE : Brigantine Republican Club. JUNE 2013

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine GOP Response to Dem’s Tax Increase”

  1. Patricia Armitage

    Totally outrageous! And when I read how much money the police, fire and other employees are paid I was shocked. I know firefighters and police personnel in Camden and Philly who make no where near those figures!

    1. Those elected have FAILED to protect the public and make the “hard decisions” necessary to keep the town fiscally healthy.

      CUT Salaries, CUT employee numbers across the board. Brigantine doesn’t need 8 Fire Lieutenants getting paid over $120k. This is not the only group of employees that are grossly over-indulged…..and many, many other reasonable cost savers in the biggest part of the budget- PEOPLE.

      Brigantine council was NOT elected to put this burden on the public via tax increases. They were not elected to keep the Status Quo. Those on Council have not kept their promises. So now THEY must know that promises of voters to support their efforts are no longer on the table.

      Break the public trust thru “short sighted action…. and you pay the consequences politically.

      ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS on billboards.

      So Brigantine Council Members- Be prepared for the backlash due to your lack of ability to perform …. sorry that this writing is so fragmented…. I’m greatly upset by these blatant failures :{

      FYI – I heard the last city manager was bad – buying LOVE by bending to the unions and employee base. This time, is the city manager owned and operated by a certain councilman?

      Is this how they got the job and that’s where the loyalty lies? So much for a new brigantine city manager that is not “owned” politically. Sad, sad, sad….

  2. Politics is a Dirty Word

    The Camden County Democrat machine is how the current Democratic Council came to power. This is known.

    QUESTION- What is the give back to Mr. Norcross of Camden County? Since he owns a large insurance company that the CC unions (police and fire and others) are FORCED to buy their insurance from.

    Is that the company that is insuring Brigantine unions? That would explain why NO employees have been laid off. The Camden political thugs have probably spread the cancer to Brigantine. It seems like a lot of back door dirty politics continues on our turf.

    1. Bulging Brig Budget

      Brigantine has the son of our previous SENATOR WILLIAM GORMLEY as our agent. So the answer to your question is the give back or handout is nt going to the Ds its going to the SON of our ex Seantor REPUBLICAN Gormley.

      1. Politics is a Dirty Word

        Well, since the City is Insurance is thru the SON of former Republican Senator, I hope that we “SHOP” insurance on a regular basis. When was the last time City policies were sent out for bid? … since this is probably a large $$$$ line item in the budget.

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