Brigantine Government Media Black-out of Sandy

Many communities along the Jersey shore were pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. These towns got whacked much worse than Brigantine.

Even so, most of these seaside governments still had a solid communication plan in place to inform the local public.

But not the current Brigantine city government.

Have you seen the Brigantine City website? NO news at all…on this crisis.

Then, check out the local Brigantine Times Newspaper website.

Compare Brigantine to these towns…..

Brigantine city government  & the Chamber of Commerce were clearly negligent in their duties to inform.

Thank God we had the Brigantine Police, and Lt. Jim Bennett ( head of emergency management ) to text / tweet / and NIXLE as much as they could.

Read more about the Brigantine Media Black-Out from Scott. S.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Government Media Black-out of Sandy”

  1. This story and the links contained herein follow the same line of reasoning originally posted by one of the website’s users, Scott S.

  2. You’d also think they’d make amends by using this recovery period to post ongoing news about the recovery, helpful links on FEMA, community center status, food centers, Red Cross locations, and on and on. They can perform immense support to their distressed citizens by simply performing government-101 tasks.

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