Brigantine Mayor Not Telling Truth About Public Union Contracts.

Brigantine Mayor Not Telling Truth About Public Union Contracts? Maybe this is another reason why Brigantine Real Estate values lag so far behind other shore towns.

Brig taxes continue to rise while full-time Brig residents decline. Businesses are shutting their doors in Brigantine. WATCH the City Council meeting from JAN 18, 2017….to see why.

We understand Brig public union contracts should NOT be negotiated in public.. but there IS a window where the public can & should review the contracts terms. This window comes after City Manager Stinson & the union reps come to terms. This window is BEFORE City Council votes on it.

Listen how Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson double-talk their way thru this issue….and are not telling the truth. Listen to Councilman Delucry’s clear & accurate position on this Brig economy-killing activity.

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