Brigantine Ponders Likelihood of Vote By Mail Fraud

VIDEO: Brigantine Election Rules 2020

Residents of Brigantine are learning just how problematic the upcoming general election could be.

By Executive Order, Gov Murphy (D) gave himself power to change the way we cast our votes. Brigantine Councilman Rick DeLucry (D) supports this effort.

NJ governor Phil Murphy took the advice of Obama official Rahm Emanuel. Never let a crisis go to waste.

The pandemic and emergency orders have allowed progressive leaders like Murphy to change the rules without legislative or public input.

Covid case and death numbers are dropping fast. Murphy is unmoved.

Both Gov Murphy and Rick Delucry claim it’s too dangerous to vote in-person. But protesting, rioting and standing in long lines at Motor Vehicle or supermarkets are all ok.

Excerpts from Letter to Editor from Anne H. Phillips.

Many Americans believe this Presidential election is the most significant one of their lives. Last minute changes to such a proven process based on legitimate results and public confidence disturbs integrity of the election.

The NJ Governor’s emergency powers have no limit. Every 30 days he keeps extending his powers.

In July 2020, Brigantine City Council passed a resolution opposing Murphy’s plan for a ‘vote-by-mail’ November election. Only one Brigantine Councilman supported Murphy’s drastic and potentially harmful election change. That was Brigantine’s 4th ward official, Rick DeLucry (D).

DeLucry Supports Fraud-Prone, Vote By Mail?

Governor Murphy signed executive order mandating a primarily, mail-in-vote election for New Jersey. Murphy says this is safer than machine voting, complete with masks and social distancing.

Nonsense. This reason doesn’t hold up. Even Dr. Fauci says Covid is not a reason to avoid voting in person.

Voters should have a choice of how to vote.

Citizen Anne H. Philips

Many voter lists are ‘unclean’. Dead people. Wrong addresses. But everyone on that list gets mailed a ballot. Anyone see a problem here?

Vote by mail provides greater opportunity for fraud, mistakes and delays. No true security and oversight provided by the in-person method of voting.

Election Day is Nov. 3. In the past, we knew who won, pretty quick. That will likely not happen this time. This will not be good for the country.

Will the vote-by-mail solution, like the lockdowns, be worse than the problem?

This post is heavily influenced and features excerpts from a recent LETTER TO THE EDITOR by Brigantine resident, Anne H. Phillips.

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine Ponders Likelihood of Vote By Mail Fraud”

  1. I will definitely NOT be voting by mail!
    If we can wear masks when we’re out and about, we can wear a mask to go vote.
    This is nothing but trying to steal the election.
    Murphy is on a power trip just like the rest of the Democratic governors who won’t let us out from under their control.

  2. So closed minded, Deb. The importance is casting a vote. To many people, going out in a public area is still too risky. So why are you complaining about a governor that puts his state’s health as a priority? Sounds to me you’re afraid that Trump won’t win- not that he did win the popular vote 4 years ago. Some people just have to complain no matter what is done for your own protection.

    1. “Even Dr. Fauci says Covid is NOT a reason to avoid voting in person.” Isn’t he “THE SCIENTIST “ Biden says we ALL have to listen to ? ONLY listen to the scientists. So what’s the problem? Ohhh I see. Dems trying anything to steal the election being scared Trump will win. ( which he will). So easy to see thru this.

  3. Cut the CRAP! This idea that voting by mail is safer is just one more deflection of the TRUTH. The DEMS are trying to steal this election any way they can and this is just one more trick. This Governor is a JOKE. Just another power hungry corrupt democrat politician. He’s one of the reasons we’re leaving Jersey for good!

  4. I just love the level of discourse on this site. You would think it would be easy to agree that more people voting is a good thing, that some people are afraid to go out in public (for example, I know older people who will not go to the beach), and that providing different avenues for people to vote makes sense. It is beyond a doubt that more exposure to other people raises your risk to contract COVID-19, so it is not crazy that some people would prefer to vote by mail. The rest is all political nonsense.

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