Brigantine Property Assessments and Tax Appeals

According to Vital Communications; the company that did recent Brigantine property assessments, there are about 9,000 taxable properties on the island. Total Brigantine “ratables” (where tax dollars come from) dropped from $4.1 billion to $3.3 billion over past year. The recent revaluation showed an average 20% reduction in assessed property values. Bayside properties took the biggest hit. Beachfront the least.

Some property owners who paid for tax appeal assistance and had assessments lowered last year, saw those numbers get re-adjusted & raised. Property owners with questions about the assessments: call Vital Communications at 609-266-6690 or 609-272-6690 to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be held between Jan 3 and Jan 18.

Final valuations will be submitted to the county on Feb. 10.

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