Brigantine Proposes New, Short-Term Rental Rules

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After years of non-enforcement, Brigantine City Council will introduce a new collection of short-term rental rules and regulations.

Brigantine City Council will share the controversial plan at the OCT 4 2023 meeting starting at 5pm.

Early assessment: Proposed 2 night rental minimum not likely to reduce unrestricted growth of non-compliant party houses.

Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt admit STR’s are removing long-term rentals for local families.

Brigantine City Council Short Term Rental AirBnB
Brigantine City Council

Word getting out that Brigantine may NOT be a nice, relaxing town to retire to. Wanna be surrounded by party houses after you just paid $2 mil for a beach block home?

Threat of class-action lawsuit hanging over heads of Brigantine City Council.

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Proposes New, Short-Term Rental Rules”

  1. The first item on THIS agenda SHOULD be enacting moratorium on building ANY home larger than 2 stories, 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms as of January 1,2024, – eliminate future “hotel size” homes.

    PERMITTING EVEN 1 more “mega-mansion” does NOTHING BUT exacerbate the ongoing neighborhood problems.

  2. I totally agree. We purchased 22 years ago, because we loved the small shore town feeling./look. Unfortunately over the years I have seen so many homes be knock down & turned into these magamansions Brigantine is losing its charm. NO MORE MEGAMASIONS

  3. It is very difficult to stop progress. All things change over time and we do have to accept some of these changes.. Some people have large families and you can’t tell someone they can’t build a house that will take care of their entire family.
    Maybe if Brigantine actually had a motel or hotel we could avoid some of the problems people see. Until then, we should be open to housing variations but make sure they are monitored for safety and noise.

  4. Progress stops for NO ONE

    Many have tried

    All have failed

    Three story, 6000 square foot house with 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms are coming to Brigantine regardless of who objects

    Change is coming

    It’s still America (for now)… is forced to stay here

  5. Why would you be opposed to big expensive homes? It will only increase the value of your land, bring wealth to the town, and it will become a more desirable sure resort

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