Brigantine Ready For Debut of ‘Night in Venice’

Brigantine Nights in Venice Real
Boat Parade

Brigantine’s first annual ‘Night in Venice’ will be held on Saturday, August 21.

The theme will be ‘Honoring Heroes, Our Frontline Workers’.

Assembly in the Cove 5:30 pm

Parade starts at 6:00 pm


  • Boat parade exits Cove towards Harbour Beach Blvd, St. Georges and Lagoon.
  • After a circle, parade exits Cove into Absecon Inlet.
  • Boat parade follows inland waterway behind Brigantine to city dock and Brigantine Elks.

Boats and crew should be creative in decorating their vessels.

Brigantine homes along the bay are asked to show support and community spirit. Feel free to decorate your homes.

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Ready For Debut of ‘Night in Venice’”

  1. Typical pathetic effort by the brainless trust that runs Brigantine…..too lazy and dimwitted to come-up with an original name for their boat parade.

    As long as they are hijacking ideas from Ocean City, perhaps they could also steal OC’s prudent use of taxpayer dollars and OC’s town maintenance department to clean-up the parks, playgrounds and public areas of Brigantine, which is a complete dump compared to the islands south of Brigantine

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