Brigantine Real Estate Being Marketed Properly?

Brigantine NOW Real EstateTrying to sell your home or property in Brigantine? Is your Real Estate agent doing ALL that they can, to sell it ASAP and at the best price? Or do they just place it in the MLS, and give you a small print ad in the local paper?

We see so many excellent, Brigantine properties sitting for far too long with no buyers. The dirty little secret about this problem is that too many Brigantine Realtors use old and ineffective methods to sell your home or property.

Problem #1: Most prime targets that could buy your property, do NOT live in Brigantine. That means they don’t see those expensive newspaper ads. What a waste. In addition, print ads can’t compare to the power of a multi-media web page about your property.

Recommendation: Ask your current Real Estate agent how they use the Internet to market properties. Ask them how many search-optimized pictures they take. Ask them if they do online video, social media, email, SEO (Google search). Ask them how they use Craigslist, Pinterest, blogs & Linked-in.

Since the Internet is the #1 way most people buy & sell Real Estate, shouldn’t your agent be very web savvy? Shouldn’t they use digital marketing in a MAJOR way?

Warning: don’t believe the B.S. that your Realtor may say to you about a “down market”, bad pricing, blah blah blah.

That’s their way of telling you to not place too much emphasis on their current marketing & selling skills. While selling Real Estate isn’t easy, there is an increase of those looking to buy. But these buyers need to be SOLD on the value & benefits of Brigantine. A digital savvy Realtor will win EVERY TIME with smart marketing.

Too many Realtors in Brigantine DO NOT use the web properly…if at all. Many are embarrassed to admit their digital limitations, even though they could learn digital marketing for Real Estate….pretty quick. Instead, they dump money into placing their mug in an expensive Newspaper ad or billboard. They place one poorly shot, low-res pic of your house… next to their smiling face. (like that’s gonna help)

Tired of your old school Realtor? Want to learn more about how your Brigantine property SHOULD be marketed & advertised?

Call me. Mel Taylor. My family has been on this Island for 20 years. I have a secret Real Estate marketing plan that really isn’t a secret. It’s quite simple and obvious, really. 267- 625 -5313

You can email me, too. info @ BrigantineNOW . com

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