Brigantine Real Estate Sales & Rentals Moving Online

As the market rebounds, Brigantine real estate is going online. Buyers, sellers, builders…..even renters….. are moving more of their efforts to the Internet.

Brigantine Real Estate fsbo
Brigantine FSBO; For Sale By Owner

During our long walks along Brigantine Blvd, we’ve noticed the use of QR codes on real estate lawn signs. These square images are similar to the bar code you find on a loaf a bread scanned at your grocery store check-out. Interested in this home? Just take a picture with your smart phone and you’ll get all the pictures, video and details you can handle.

Back in the day, expensive newspaper ads were needed to market a house or find a vacation rental. Today, that’s no longer the case. With newspaper, we were lucky to see one picture in the ad, with a few lines describing the property. Today, we just need a web connection to enjoy a virtual tour of the home and to quickly see Google maps of the surrounding area.

Some Brigantine home owners are selling & renting properties on their own, without a traditional real estate agent and broker. For a few hundred bucks, the property can be listed in the MLS; the Multiple Listing Service. Companies like FOR SALE BY OWNER can help you with that. Maybe you want another way to market your rental property? Try VRBO; Brigantine Vacation Rentals by Owner

Some homeowners are frustrated by old school agents not maximizing the power of digital marketing. Some are creating their own virtual tours, on their self-made websites. Here’s example of Brigantine Real Estate Web Tour on a web page.

Here’s an example of a page created specifically for a real estate agent and her featured listing

Watch the video below to see a powerful, virtual tour of a recently SOLD home, overlooking the lagoon in Brigantine.


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