Brigantine Taxpayers Association Recommends School Consolidation

Anne H. Phillips from the Brigantine Taxpayers Association sent this letter to the Brigantine Board of Education last month. Ms. Phillips recommends the consolidation of the Brigantine school district’s two elementary schools into one such school within the same building. She believes the consolidation is warranted for the following reasons:

1. A major part, 32 percent, of property taxes goes to support the school district. As taxpayers expect the City government to reduce the cost of municipal government and the amount needed in property taxes to support that government, they expect the same of the school district and its board. And today, it’s also necessary to consider that both are operating in the context of a weak economy and the continuing harmful effect of (Hurricane) Sandy.

2. Even without the above circumstances, the district’s numbers justify consolidation. The school population continues to decline and no longer necessitates two separate schools with two administrative staffs.

We urge the board to consider consolidation and to take the necessary steps to accomplish it. Excessive administration is a waste of taxpayers’ money and serves no purpose.

Anne H. Phillips. Brigantine Taxpayers Association.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Taxpayers Association Recommends School Consolidation”

  1. Ms. Phillips & The Brigantine Taxpayers Association’s statements are spot-on… But this information has been provided for action for many years. It continues to fall on deaf ears. I feel bad for the many senior citizens and those of lesser means (and longtime island residents) that are sure to be forced to move as Brigantine taxes continue to rise due to the selfish salary and facility consumptions of a few. It appears that those in power to make necessary changes will not do so until it is too late. That time is quickly approaching, “Brigantine- the Island you’ll Love for Life”- if you are in the selected group of over-paid employees and wasteful administrators or are a person of means.

  2. When is enough enough. The current administration needs to pull their collective heads out of their you know what, take a deep breath, sit up & pay attention! With a few of the members that have close personal ties to the school system, they need to do their jobs. I think, as many of us do, combining the two schools is not only the right thing to do, one could be sold off and generate an additional tax stream. Are there any connections to either school with anyone currently on council? The way taxes are going, there will not be any families w/children here for long. Lets cut the fat out & reduce some of that spending. Be objective, proactive, try doing the right thing.

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