Council Passes Bond Ordinance. 12 MIL if Needed.

Council passed a bond ordinance (13-2014) that allows city to potentially borrow up to $12 million for critical infrastructure improvements on the island. The ordinance is for crucial improvements and it’s not a blank check. It only locks in some very attractive interest rates, just in case we need that money. Council would have to vote on any potential expenditures from that 12 million. Nonetheless, Councilman Simpson was against it.

The city’s annual audit was certified. The auditors advised the City of Brigantine that it needs a much better cash management system. No surprise there.

In other City Council news this week…

Website issues continue to plague Brigantine. Critical agenda, billing and meeting minutes items are late to post, or never post. Still unknown is who takes responsibility for managing web content and the BB-NJ business directory. City now paying students from SJT program $1,000 per year for web maintenance, but not for creating content. BB-NJ domain name still not owned and controlled by City Manager. City has yet to announce person that supplies info to SJT and who determines and monitors the BB-NJ business directory site The BB-NJ Business Directory features numerous non-Brigantine businesses. Most did not have to provide local mercantile identification. See Pics Below.

Beach committee met. Some items discussed: Expand 4 wheel drive area, Jet Ski regulations, ice cream sales, yet no mention of water weenie selling food in the shallow water, and whether other types of floating vendors will pull up beside the weenie next year. (We hope so)

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1 thought on “Council Passes Bond Ordinance. 12 MIL if Needed.”

  1. Wondering if they will ever tell the public about the Jet-Ski switch-a-roo they pulled this year. City never officially changed name or paperwork. They charged more money for jet ski passes and they changed rules. Paperwork still states rules that have been in place for 15 yrs. Stickers are all the same… but in the office they tell you a whole different story…. and make you pay double….if not triple the cost now.

    Wonder who’s pocket that’s going in. Sure didn’t go toward upkeep on the 4×4 beach. Ruts as deep as the Grand Canyon. Every week, it’s Russian roulette: very capable 4×4’s pay a $1,000 tow fee because they still get stuck.

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