Did Ventnor Mayor Reveal Brigantine STR Zoning Plan?

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Brigantine Planning Board’s Lance Landgraf: Brigantine is really having a problem with it (STR’s). They’ve got a whole core of their community, homes were built for short-term rentals. They have eight bedrooms in them. It’s problematic.

Landgraf: Brigantine is leaning towards an ordinance that would designate STR’s as commercial uses. And then, create locations in Brigantine they would be conditionally approved to operate in. That way, you can change the parking limit. They have to hire people. Brigantine estimated their costs at a half-million dollars to manage the short-term rentals over there.

Note: Landgraf is also Mayor of Ventnor and Director of Planning for the CRDA, Tourism District in Atlantic City.

Landgraf: It’s a problem if the home is designated as residential. You’re under residential site improvement standards. The State passed the maximum number of parking spaces you can require for houses is three. No matter how many bedrooms. That’s now not, a residential property, that’s a short term rental commercial use. You can set your own parking standards. It’s not a residence.

Brigantine Spot Zoning for Short-Term Rentals?

Landgraf: So, if we get to that point, I’m going to be working with Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera and their Planning team over there to write that ordinance.

Watch video from Ventnor Commission meeting of Oct. 26, 2023.

Memorial day weekend in Ventnor, the ‘busiest and most dangerous’ of the year, says the Ventnor Police Chief.

The people they’re dealing with over that weekend, a different type of crowd. For example, Memorial day weekends. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Over 90 calls a day in the last two years. 90 (police service) calls a day! 370 calls over the 2023 Memorial day weekend. (Compared to) about 365 for ALL of 2022.

12 arrests. DWI alcohol related disturbances, fights, noise complaints. But the last two years, Memorial Day weekend, was bad. Over 2023 Memorial Day weekend in Ventnor: 18 motor vehicle crashes. Three resulted in a DWI arrest and persons that were under the age of 25.

Ventnor Commissioner Maria Mento: So what are you telling me?

Ventnor Police Chief: To be honest with you, I think it’s the short-term rentals. The college crowd.

They (Brigantine) used a lot of our stuff (Ventnor) in their STR ordinance.

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