FEMA Meets with Brigantine Residents

FEMA BrigantineFEMA officials held a public meeting in Brigantine on Monday  night. Click thru to watch video. The auditorium of the North School was standing room only

FEMA officials told residents how they can apply for and receive disaster assistance.

For some, the night was informative. For others, like Macedonian Grill Owner; Dimitrios Dounoulis, they were disappointed. “There is no funding for businesses in the island, only for homes. We don’t have flood insurance cause you can’t purchase it and I asked them for their help and they had no help what so ever for us”.

Mayor Guenther applauded the resilience of city residents, while representatives from police and fire departments spoke of dangers and problems that are still in the process of being corrected post-Sandy.

Read more here. at NBC 40

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