Hurley Hit Piece During COVID-19 Crisis? Despicable Political Smear of Atlantic County Sheriff Scheffler.

Atlantic County Sheriff Smeared by Radio Host?

Was WPG radio man, Harry Hurley just practicing watchdog journalism during this time of crisis? Or was this just another Hurley political smear? Most believe this was just another despicable, political, Hurley hit piece during this difficult time of COVID-19.

According to Harry Hurley: Well placed sources within the Atlantic County Sheriff’s department have blown the whistle. A most serious allegation has also been made that Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler knew about an Officer’s hospitalization and kept the news from the rank and file for an extended time frame “in a cover-up.”

Typical Harry Hurley Political Smear Nothing But a Hit Piece. No sources.

Scheffler says: the “impeccable source” cited by Harry recklessly provided false information.

SCHEFFLER: “As the Atlantic County Sheriff, I am greatly disappointed in an article published today by a local radio host/journalist. I have always maintained a good working relationship with Harry Hurley and am surprised that he never tried to reach out to me directly in an effort to confirm or deny the allegations contained in his article. Simply stated, those allegations against me are completely false and inaccurate. Apparently there was absolutely no effort made to confirm any of the information with the subjects of the article. A simple telephone call to either myself or other subjects of the article would have avoided the spread of misinformation during a time where factual information is more important than ever.”

Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officer Contracts Coronavirus; Coverup Alleged.

Hurley: Our confidential well placed sources have confirmed that the Sheriff’s Officer tested positive for the Coronavirus. Also, I have been advised that a Sheriff’s Department Sergeant is currently in quarantine with spouse. Sources advise that both are presenting with symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Read More: Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officer Contracts Coronavirus; Coverup Alleged.

Breaking AC coverage here.

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3 thoughts on “Hurley Hit Piece During COVID-19 Crisis? Despicable Political Smear of Atlantic County Sheriff Scheffler.”

  1. Harry Hurley is well known for his smears and hit pieces.
    Even Republicans cringe at his mean spirited attacks. Hurley is a hack.

  2. Glad to be outta there

    So much hostility. Brigantine was so more welcoming back before the plundering developers and other opportunists surfaced. I’m talking about the 1970’s. Little by little, valuable land was acquired and “developed” by deplorables and undesirables determined to skirt all efforts to create a liveable and enjoyable island paradise. How did they do it? Inside dealing and quid pro quo. Sound familiar? It’s the standard playbook.
    I’ll also add that all criticism of real estate agents is underplayed. I’ve had eleven real estate transactions and by far the worst was in Brigantine. I’m sorry for all of you who are being victimized but I’m glad to be out of there.

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