Ice Cream Returns to Brigantine Beach. SEE PICS

Did Brigantine’s city manager call off the dogs? That’s what one beach goer exclaimed when she saw the ice cream man approach her blanket at 14th street this past Sunday afternoon.

Jim Varasso; better known as the ‘Ice Cream Vet’, was busier than a one armed paper hanger as he was surrounded by ecstatic kids waving dollars and calling out for their favorite frozen treat.

Varasso, along with other ice cream vendors on the island have been personally warned by the Chief of Police to stay at least 200 feet from the beach.

Vendors claim the city is selectively enforcing a decades old ordinance that was likely created to protect the business interests of some City Hall insiders.

So it seems, even after the recent crack down on ice cream vendors, Varasso loaded up his cooler and made his way up the shoreline. He even treated our Brigantine Beach Patrol to some ice cream as he passed by their stands.

So, we salute the City of Brigantine……for doing the right thing.  🙂

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