Is Brigantine Properly Managing 4×4 Beach?

IMG_3184The BrigantineNOW beach crew spent some quality time at The Cove & Lagoon this weekend. We wanted see if those reports of questionable behavior, lack of beach patrol & maintenance were accurate.

Here’s report from homeowner on Ocean Drive, just across from The Cove: “Not checking SUV passes is a mess. Freakin’ 18 year old kids driving on (clearly no permits), drinking like mad. Trash, wood, nails and other random sh**. What a disgrace. We’ve been here for over 13 years. I’m only 23 years old and this stuff pisses me off. Come on Brigantine. Where are the patrols?”

Here’s another one: All 3 potties were full and disgusting. Trash area beyond overflowing. I witnessed 2 vehicles, without permits stuck at main entrance. One being a minivan. A policeman passed by them upon entering and again when leaving. He never stopped to ticket them. Just drove on by. 

As we entered the south end path to The Cove, the 4×4 permit checker hut was empty as usual. Some have reported seeing a checker on occasion.

It’s been years since we’ve seen anyone consistently check for 4×4 or beach tags at this popular beach entry point.

Think about how much city revenue is lost by not manning this entrance on a regular basis. Not just checking for valid 4×4 permits, but to also make sure all beach goers have a beach tag. IMG_3180

We’d like to encourage members of city council to take turns manning that post, or maybe spot checking some SUV’s each week. Could be a real eye opener.

By volunteering to “tag check”, our elected leaders might just get a few good ideas on how to better manage & financially leverage one of Brigantine most valuable assets. Imagine seeing Councilman Pullella’s smiling face as he politely checks your 4×4 permit. Nice.

As usual for a July weekend on Brigantine Beach, we witnessed plenty of fender to fender fun. Long stretches of our inlet beach were two and three deep with vehicles.

Families, teens, and friends of all shapes and sizes were mixed in among the 4×4’s, jet ski’s, kayaks and every beach toy you could imagine. Lots of fun and laughter, especially coming from those hoisting red solo cups. Hmmm. I wonder what cool, frosty beverages were being consumed? We did spot a few prohibited beverages.

We spotted a few ALL-wheel drives which shouldn’t be on the beach due to their high chance of getting stuck.

It’s obvious why The Cove & Lagoon are so popular. It’s beautiful there. Well, except for those big freekin’ dredge vessels and/or Soylent Green factories floating just a few feet from shore.

We all love The Cove, but might it need better management & protection? Seeing toddlers splashing near jet skis, motor boats and fishing lines…makes us cringe a bit. When you mix in the lack of lifeguards, 4×4’s plowing thru the sand and a small handful partaking in adult beverages, we hope the City of Brigantine Beach takes a little more interest in properly managing this jewel by the inlet.

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