LATEST News of SANDY Clean-up Effort in Brigantine

Trash service:

The city will continue to remove all trash, debris and bulk items through Wednesday, Nov. 14. Please make sure that all items are out at the curb by the end of the day Monday, Nov. 12. All items placed out after Monday will be the owner’s responsibility and will follow regular trash service rules. The ACUA (our trash removal service provider) allows only two bulk items. In addition, rugs will need to be dropped off at the ACUA.


The city has received help from the county for inspections. We currently have four teams of inspectors that will be focusing on the north end, which has the highest population of unsafe homes due to Sandy. Please call the city’s construction department at (609) 266-7600, ext. 261 if you have any questions or believe your home is unsafe. You may already see some homes red-tagged as unsafe.

There are three designations of unsafe:

1. Unsafe with corrective action

2. Unsafe due to lack of utilities; vacation is necessary

3. Unsafe to tear down

Renter permits:

The city has waived the need to have a rental permit prior to moving into a rental unit. However, the rental permit application must be submitted to the city prior to moving in. The city will complete inspections and issue the permit following the move-in.

Fire hazards:

Any building that loses electricity may experience fire when the electricity is returned. Please be mindful and call the fire department immediately if you believe a fire may have started.

Gas meter inspections:

Gas meters may be compromised once saltwater gets into the gas meter. This may result in fire or other issues, even weeks after the water intrusion occurred. Any gas meter that may have been exposed should be inspected by a plumber.


Gov. Christie is working on designating Sandy as a tropical storm. The designation of the storm as tropical will result in a lower deductible than a hurricane designation. Please check with your insurance company that the right designation was used.


There are a number of disreputable contractors who prey on residents in disaster-prone areas. Please be cautious about hiring any contractor, especially ones that you are unfamiliar with, who may show up at your home or advertise illegally in the city. Please call the police if you come into contact with anyone who seems suspicious. This could save both you and others from commercial scams.

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3 thoughts on “LATEST News of SANDY Clean-up Effort in Brigantine”

  1. To the city of Brigantine, please be patient with us and continue to pick up items for the next few weeks. Many of us are still figuring out what to keep and what to throw away as we are saving items for insurance purposes.

    1. I agree. U have to keep all damaged items until the insurance company can see it. This makes it impossible to throw certain things out. I hope Brigantine will continue to pick-up storm items left out. It is hard enough without having to worry about how to dispose of items. We r in our late 60’s. And it will be too hard on us.

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