More Wind Cash For PRO-Turbine Towns

More Wind Cash

The Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust has more, taxpayer-funded cash to hand out.

So who gets these PRO-WIND grants?

One of those who decides as an Ocean Wind Board of Trustee, is Brian Jackson, chief operating officer of Stockton Atlantic City.

Wind Cash Trustee

Jackson helps review and select recipients of the trust’s second round of funding.

So far…

$450,000 has gone to small, women and minority-owned businesses.

$2.8 million went to select Jersey shore towns. For example:

  • Ventnor received $546,003
  • Margate received $446,880
  • Longport received $368,750

Notably, Brigantine and Ocean City received nothing. This is most likely due to their push back against the experimental, taxpayer-funded, wind turbine farms.

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    Change is difficult for some but sometimes change is necessary. Facts can be distorted to prove a position.

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