North End Brigantine Beach Replenishment

High Tide. Brigantine North End Sea Wall – 8pm June 2, 2023

The Brigantine Beach replenishment will be from 14th St North to about 4th St South.

Brigantine has over 5 miles of beach and all but about 18 blocks, on the very north end, will be open. The majority of beaches in Brigantine will be open and not impacted by this project.

The City will do everything in its power to minimize the impacts of this project. Beach Patrol and Public Works are already working on a number of different options.

The project is a partnership between the Federal, State, and Local governments.

Brigantine wanted the project done in the Spring, but was told that Spring wasn’t an option for us.

The contract was supposed to be awarded the 1st week of May with work to begin on June 1st and completed by the 1st or 2nd week of July.

The contract was awarded on May 22nd pushing the timelines of the project back. (We don’t know what the delay was)

Brigantine officials understand that it’s not convenient to have the replenishment done during the summer months, but many of our north end beaches are completely eroded and in desperate need of this replacement.

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