Shoobie Tuesday. Killing Tourism & Gross Violation of Legion Constitution?

Shoobie Tuesday Let’s mock those that support our community? The annual Shoobie Tuesday party is once again scheduled for the Tuesday after Labor Day; Sept 2, in Brigantine. The American Legion recently posted their giant yard sign for all to see along Brigantine Ave. Most residents, visitors and business owners are not amused.

From Jim Connell, a Marine vet and a 25-year Legionnaire says: “This practice of name-calling, no matter how endeared by tradition, mocks our neighbors and is in gross violation of the Constitution of the American Legion. It should be stopped immediately. It does not teach “a sense of obligation to the community;” it mocks the community. It does not “combat the autocracy of the classes;” it perpetuates class warfare. It does not “promote peace and goodwill;” it accentuates our differences and exploits, for amusement, those who aren’t fortunate enough to live here year-round. Get with it, gentlemen, don’t be “that Legion.”

Brigantine Shoobie Tuesday

From Brian Belko: What an embarrassment for visitors to the island & my rental guests directly across the street from popular Aunt B’s & Ernest & sons. This unwelcoming event is sure to chase away the tourists that have plenty of other places to spend their vacation dollars.

From Art Barstow: Ya know, the funny part is that the people who make fun of the so called “shoobies” were once shoobies themselves. My great grandfather lived there before half those idiots knew where Brigantine was. Comical.

Shoobie Tuesday Brigantine Maria Finizio So stupid. First of all, who cares what a bunch of old drunks think? Second…again shoobie a are keeping that island afloat, and frankly the more I read, the less I want to go there.

Valerie Shear Metzger Fun for who? It’s just plain stupid! Certainly you can figure out some other reason to party.

Amy Sternin From the American legion? They should be ashamed of themselves.

Brigantine Hockey Mom Truly disappointed in a fellow Brigantine hockey coach; for not seeing how harmful this so-called party can be to visitors, part-time residents, business owners, and especially our hockey loving kids. We need to teach our kids good manners. We should not teach our kids how to use social media to vent. 


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77 thoughts on “Shoobie Tuesday. Killing Tourism & Gross Violation of Legion Constitution?”

  1. It shows the mentality of the year round residents. I have been coming to Brigantine since 1952 and find the term shoobie offensive.

    1. I also find the term offensive BECAUSE it is MEANT to be offensive by those promoting it. It is not said in good spirit. It is used to belittle those that come to enjoy the beautiful Island of Brigantine for only a short time. Those using this term and promoting this event are promoting a mean-spirited tradition. Shame on them.

        1. Brian,

          I would call you “dumb as a rock”, but that is far too big an insult to all the rocks out there.

          You are too stupid to realize that we “shoobies” pay over 70% of the bills in this town, you MORON.

          Take 70% of the tax revenues away from this town, and see how much you like Brigantine then.


          PS–my entire name is on here. Where is yours, Brian ? You wimp !

      1. A former resident here, I thought the (“NEW”) meaning was strictly for the out of towners that would come down to the shore, throw/leave trash,, cig. butts, and were a general nuisance. Polluting the surroundings and showed a lack of respect, I have hunted, fished and played here and we hated cleaning up after them. But agreed putting up a sign that offends every visitor is surely defeating your own interests and shows a lack of respect. Maybe a campaign of Media, Billboard’s and even fines for littering. I’m sorry, I mean actually enforcing those laws. Problem is the Shore is the Shore and if you want visitors to spend their money and come to the beaches you have got to play nice. Encourage the Pack it in; Pack it out philosophy. Education may be the key, Good Luck and have a great summer. I’m already homesick.

    2. Show me one person who has grown up on this amazing island who has never used the term shoobie or have looked forward to the times without them!!even if it’s just a moment

    3. If it shows my mentality by celebrating and having some fun so be it. I am sorry I look forward to being able to park in front of my house and not take a chance with my life when I drive the light house circle… It isnt as if this wouldn’t annoy you if it were your hometown and one season a year others expect you to stop your normal life because they are on vacation!!

      1. What part of this do you not understand…..there is NO Brigantine without the “shoobies” ????

        Get it through your head

  2. I don’t understand why this is being made into it being a bad thing. It’s not really about making fun of tourists it’s more about getting the island back to peacefulness . I lived in brigantine for many years and I can assure you it’s not this whole political thing it’s being portrayed as . It’s fun!! It’s their island (yearly residents) and it’s great the business the tourists being in but it’s also amazing when it’s back to normal !! Calm down people !! It’s an island thing !!

    1. Wake up. YOU lost your Island about 10 years ago when the BIG houses first started going in. Yearly residents will continue to dwindle… Most of YOU soon will not be able to afford to live here. The So-called “Shoobies” OWN your town, Silly

      1. Hey 70%R. Your a f**king idiot! You too Jim! I’ve lived here my whole life and I really doubt the big homes that are being put up are going to make me leave. Why 70%R? Can’t use your real name? F**king coward! Your nothing but a f**king shoobie! And yes! I support the VFW’s Shoobie Tuesday! Go the f**k home!

    2. FormerResidentShoobie

      You say it’s about getting the island back to peacefulness and normal? So the people that come for the summer and spend their money to keep the economy if Brigantine going are not normal? And this is supposed to not offend? I lived in Brigantine for over 15 years, and the entire time I live there was made to feel like an outsider, like what I had to say didn’t count because I wasn’t born there, all the while being referred to behind my back by my neighbors, and child’s friends parents, and a shop or, and’s not meant to be lighthearted. Even if the term shoobie or is removed from the name, you’ll probably change the party to the Goodbye FOOT party.

  3. I think the legion post should be forced to shut down. Doesn’t the city government care that the post is insulting the residents?

    1. Ya don’t shut down the American Legion Post, for Pete’s sake. Let the vets have their places to enjoy a beer, some conversation, whatever.

      Council needs to pass rules for what can and cannot be said on big old badly painted signs. Leave our veterans out of it; they get so little after their service. Let them have their fundraisers; support them, once they change their tacky signs.

  4. SHOOBIE TUESDAY is simply a tongue in cheek, fun occasion to allow our year round residents a celebration for getting our island back to something that resembles normal, after the busy tourist season. It is a light hearted & fun social gathering and is no way mean or nasty toward our beloved part timers, visitors and day trippers. Critics should get real and direct their concerns to much more significant issues that effect our community, state and nation.

    1. FormerResidentShoobie

      So the costume contest to see who could wear the most outrageous over the top costume making fun of the shoobies isn’t supposed to offend? Several years ago when the Borgata first opened, residents of Brigantine were up in arms because the AC connector would “make Brigantine too accessible to outsiders”. I guess that was just lighthearted fun too

    2. You Freddie Boy,

      “Your island” ain’t “YOUR” island.

      We shoobies own 70% of this island, so that make Brigantine OUR island

      Deal with it

  5. Patricia Armitage

    I find the term offensive…not funny. I pay the taxes of a full-time resident and if it wasn’t for the taxes of the part-time residents, the full time residents would be forced to pay even higher taxes. It is just insulting and it is not all in fun by those using the term. Just get over it and stop using the term.

    1. Yes, this insult is felt by many part-timers. It is a divisive term. We ALL support the workings of the Island financially and spiritually. Perhaps the “TOWNIES” should throw and event HONORING those that provide the monetary support and summer liveliness to the Island… instead of the insults… The vacationers that come to the Island in this day and age are FAR from the insulting depictions of the costumes worn to degrade those that come to LOVE the Island on a part-time basis. Please reconsider this tradition that is now out-grown. The Island is not of a “lowly” caliper.

  6. Dear “Susan B” and “Fred Tochterman,” (and anyone else who cares to challenge this point), They said the same thing about the “blackface” in the minstrel shows, of old. It was just “light-hearted fun” and “tongue in cheek.” Fortunately, wiser, kinder, more insightful minds prevailed and the practice is now regarded in the light in which it always existed; a mockery of black culture. “Fun” and “laughs” and mockery, at the expense of another – whether an individual, or group – constitutes bullying behavior. If somebody mocked, mimicked, derided and taunted your children, you would have plenty to say. The fact that your great grand-dad did it years ago, is not an excuse to put your heads in the sand today. Clearly, it bothers a number of our neighbors. Clearly the abhorrent FOOT movement evolved from this same mocking, superior sentiment. It’s not gone. It has just gone underground and cloaked itself under the guise of this quaint shore colloquialism. Don’t kid yourself. The fact that you even have to defend the practice, should be evidence enough that it is hurtful to others. If you choose to ignore that…well, that speaks for itself; doesn’t it?

    1. These comments are completely off the mark. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the term “Shoobie” which simply describes day trippers to the shore, earlier in this century. I was a day tripper for years prior to being a summer resident for 14 yrs and now a permanent resident for 10 years. i never felt the term Shoobie to be anything other than a cute reference like “snowbird” in Florida. Perhaps Shoobie critics should also fight the term “snowbirds” even more forcibly, as it is a much broader used term and our island has a lot of them as well.

  7. John W. Pucci Sr.

    I am a veteran, 30 year member and past Commander of an American Legion post. Also lifetime member of VFW in Brigantine and Member of American Legion in Brigantine.
    As times have changed, there are many other words that have become offensive in our language in America. We all know which one’s they are, most of us don’t speak them anymore. Words which may have been a joke before, are no longer funny in 2014.
    The leadership and members of the post, together, should review the practice of this word usage. Are there other words in Webster’s unabridged Dictionary that can be found to promote this great event?
    Is it part of history with this summer end party? Yes.
    Is it part of freedom of speech? Maybe
    Is it totally necessary to use this word in order to have a great summer end party?????

    Many volunteers did a super job to make this event a success for all of Brigantine. They are to be congratulated.
    The question is, can it be done next year with not offending anybody?

    1. Yes,,,, a celebration to HONOR those that come in the summer, with happy faces and enjoying the island that some are Blessed to enjoy all year ’round. A celebration in HONOR of those that spend hard-earned money to support the Island so that the businesses can make it through the long winter struggle, one more year. Perhaps a “THANK YOU for spending your summer AND your money party… PLUS, it makes “you” look less than honorable…

  8. A celebration of the island “Getting Back To Normal” is as much of an insult as being called a Shoobie. I am a second home owner and rent my home to vacationers paying multiple fees and taxes to the City of Brigantine to do so. My renters contribute to the economy of the town helping to keep year round residents in business. Events such as this one only further divide the full and part time residents. When will this Town wake up and embrace not only the second homeowners, but the public who come and visit this beautiful beach town! The full time residents should be figuring out how to extend the “Busy Season”instead of slapping the face of the visitors who keep them in business. Come February when you are sitting in your Restaurant or shop hoping someone will enter and spend some money remember what a great time you had at your Shoobie Tuesday Party!

    1. Anne B has made the most sense. Personally, I never found it offensive when my family were just part-timers, as it began all in fun. However, now my parents live there full time and I have lived there for the entire summer for more than 10 years.

      We are more saddened by the decline in business we have seen with so many shuttered lately as well as the town’s tax situation among others, than some silly party.

      How about worrying and debating many more pertinent issues? I’m also much more annoyed by the fact that we pay such a steep fee for the 4×4 beach pass and have to worry about getting stuck constantly and/or finding a spot if we dare to go on a weekend, especially a holiday after 9 a.m. because of the obnoxious amount of passes sold to non taxpayers

      This was never the case 12 or so years ago. How about discussing some of these?


  10. First I was a visitor to family back in the 1950s. Then I was a year-round resident. Now I have no family there, so I would be a “shoobie”.

    Stick your shoe boxes where the sun doesn’t shine! You deserve the high tax rates you have, because it seems some of your folks just don’t know who is buttering your bread. It always was a dumbed-down island with piss-poor schools (which is why I moved away). There never was much for full-timers and their children, necessitating my removing my family from that island. You have a beach. That is all you have..

    1. SO not true about the schools or Brigantine having nothing but a beach. My son grew up there and received and excellent education. He also participated in many activities (sports, swimming, golf and so much more) offered on the island and is a well rounded young man now!

      I will always have a special place in my heart for the people of Brigantine.

  11. All should come to the Shoobie Tuesday party and enjoy ! Part time home owners , visitors , realtors , politicians , and everyone , come and celebrate another summer’s end. It is just a festive and positive time to celebrate the end of summer , which goes by so quickly . No malice intended at all . Lighten up folks . There are many more things to be concerned about than a bunch of veterans who served there country in wars who want to have some fun at the end of the summer . This celebration of the end of summer has been going on by these American Veterans for decades . Have some Brigantine fun …come to The Legion on Tuesday . You will probably have a good time .

    1. FormerResidentShoobie

      If its not meant to be derogatory, than why wait until the day after the end of the season to have a party to “honor” the visitors? It’s like throwing somebody a birthday party and not inviting them. Have a “Welcome Back” party at the beginning of the season. Don’t wait until the people you’re making fun of go home to throw a party. Do it to their face

    2. Have your party to celebrate what was hopefully a successful Summer Season for everyone. If calling it a Shoobie Party is truly not meant to offend anyone just change the name. Because of this site you now know it does offend a great many people. When you know better you do better.

  12. Yes, it can be annoying to residents when you can’t find a parking spot, the grocery stores are jammed, you can’t even go to the beach and find peace, BUT we who have businesses will all miss them. THANK YOU “SHOOBIES”- you breathe life into this community every summer.

  13. FormerResidentShoobie

    I would like to make a challenge. I challenge every business on the island that closes after the season to remain open for the winter, and see how much the year round residents support you.

    1. You will get exactly ZERO takers on your challenge…NONE

      “Aunt B” and fellow full time residents who have summer-only businesses, are you out there ????

  14. Do some have something against the veterans of this town? They have taken a silly tradition that most shore towns also poke fun of and turn it into something we should be ashamed of?

    Should we not have Halloween too because it promotes witchcraft, should we not have Memorial Day because it memorializes only veterans and no one else? What about Christmas, Thanksgiving and 4th of July? If you look hard enough you will always find someone that doesn’t agree with what thing stands for. And isn’t that what makes this country great?

    The very fact that you can do that? But you aren’t doing that. You may disagree what the day represents to the locals of the island and that’s your right as a citizen. But it’s not your right to defame the character of very men and women who fought for your right to your opinion. And that’s all it is YOUR OPINION!

    My feeling is that these vets have seen and done things that you never will. And if they want to take a silly tradition and raise money money with it, so be it. And FYI most of the money they raise goes back into the community. Whether it’s scholarships for kids, donate families in need, support all our local sports and much much more.

    Look around the island and see all the Legion does for it. And it’s just not the Legion. You have the Elks and the VFW. And what about our local bars and buisness that have all contributed to this town whether local or shoobie? So stop stirring up trouble where there is no need. Chill out and come on down to the Legion on Tuesday have a beer and help celebrate a silly tradition!!

    1. Totally agree. People are really taking this to a level I don’t understand at all. It IS an inconvenience when the people descend, but everyone welcomes them. It is simply a silly thing and I see no maliciousness in it at all.

  15. I am a 26 year Marine Corps veteran. I am a national Legion member. I guess I am a shoobie by the year rounder definition. I have never understood why our year rounders celebrate the departure of those who pretty much carry the weight of the tax burden which supports this town. And, our Legion is meant to be a unifying community not a divisive force. Shameful and disappointing.

  16. You guys do realize that this has been around for years and this isn’t the first time a sign like this has been up, right? I personally see the event all in good fun but I’m just confused as to why everyone is acting like this is the first time shoobie Tuesday has ever occurred.

  17. Hey Brian, you are so ignorant. The “shoobies” pay the same high taxes that year round people pay. We can sell and take our tax money somewhere else.

  18. This constant talking point of the high taxes is nonsense. Brigantine has full services. If you’re unhappy with it, stop threatening to leave and do it.

    There will be plenty more people who will be part time residents or “shoobies” and they’ll enjoy the town, the people, and understand the word is not mean spirited.

    And to the one who equated it to black face, I think maybe you need to wake up a bit to compare the term shoobie to racism in America during that time period is idiotic.

    We make no assumptions off of you based on the term shoobie outside of the fact that you don’t live here year round. Stop being so over sensitive or find another shore town.

    But be aware they may call you shoobie or Benny or any other term that might offend you too.

    1. DJ,

      Are you too dense to grasp the FACT that we Brigantine tax-payers are paying Brigantine 3x more in local real estate taxes than folks in Avalon and Stone Harbor and 2x more in taxes than OCNJ residents FOR THE EXACT SAME SERVICES and a dramatically INFERIOR public works department (roads, parks, etc) ????

      THREE TIMES the amount !!!!

      Do I need to repeat it slowly for you ???

  19. IT’S REAL SIMPLE MORONS WHO ARE OFFENDED. The Shoobie Party is just a way of saying the busy summer is now over. Let’s celebrate & get our quiet island back. LEAVE IT AT THAT YOU IDIOTS.

    1. Mr Kline,

      I will say it again
      S-L-O-W-L-Y, because clearly you are “reading-challenged”….

      “Your town” is NOT “YOUR” town anymore.

      We “shoobies” own 72% of this town.

      This very simple (perhaps not for you) math, makes it OUR town.

      Now, behave !!!
      Or, we’re not gonna let you stay.

      1. Yes you do pay a majority off the taxes. But if every person (who didn’t live here full time) suddenly sold and my taxes and other went up, do you think we would all move? This town was around long before the big houses and your tax money came along. And it will be here long after you are gone.

        1. “Majority of the taxes” = 72%


          The “big houses” (owned by “shoobies”) here to stay, and more are on the way.

          Soon, all of us “shoobies” will have voting rights.
          Then, things will get real interesting around here.

          1. I grew up in Brigantine when Vacationers came to as they called the island a quaint peaceful place and now they have turned it into the places they came from. As the song goes…Got along without you before I met you, gonna her along without you now.

  20. I’m an officer at the American Legion, we appreciate all veterans whether they are year round residents or just join us during the summer months. I personally look forward to seeing our summer friends and reconnecting. If the event name is offending the community then I think we should look into renaming the party. By no means is it meant as an insult. The community response is a concern to me and we will discuss this at our next meeting. I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from attending the event because we enjoy having veterans and friends from all over in support of a good cause. Let’s be courteous to each other and respect what people are saying because we appreciate anyone who supports us.

  21. I guess I’m a shoobie (just found out what it meant). I visited Brigantine for the first time in over 40 years this past weekend and really found your town terrific, your beaches wonderful, and the people friendly. My parents had taken me here when I was really young, though I barely remember it.

    However, I can fully appreciate that as much as tourists — er, shoobies — help contribute to the local economy, for year-round residents it has to amount to a love-hate relationship. The crowds, noise, pollution, etc. have to be a downside to the financial contributions they (we) make and with the end of summer a return to a sense of normalcy has to bring with it a sense of relief too. Why not celebrate?

    I don’t find the term shoobie offensive in the least, even if it is intended to be derogatory (which I don’t believe it is). Why can’t we poke fun at them (us)? Not every jibe has to have offense taken to it. We need to stop being a nation of victims. If you don’t like the Legion’s use of the term, don’t support the event, but we don’t have to silence everything we don’t agree with.

    I can now call myself a proud shoobie, and since I’ll still be visiting your fine town tonight, I’ll be visiting the American Legion’s party and showing I can still have a good time even if it’s at my own expense.


  22. Long Time Part Timer

    How about a nice “Thank You to our Summer Visitors” sign on our way off the Island instead of this derogatory in-fun Shoobie sign? It will make us feel better about paying the high taxes to support most of the services for others, we will feel better about supporting the island businesses, and maybe the “Summer Visitors” will feel appreciated and want to come back and do it all over again.

  23. Coming from someone who has worked in many shore towns up and down the coast with the many “entitled” people as I like to call them, the shoobies make the summer a LIVING HELL ! Parties like this happen all up and down the state and one that happens at an American Legion post is given a bunch of crap. IT”S INSANE ! I’ve worked for more people that own BIGGER houses that are more affluent than this dictator of this post and they admit that they are happy to go home. I like being able to walk down the street with my daughter and not worry about an out of state car speeding down the street. To make it fair…shoobies you can have a party when you go back to whereever you come from and call it a welcome home party.
    Because Underneath Nonsense Do You Recognize Useless Lecturing Enough Said

  24. How about you snowflakes get out of the sun before you melt. Obviously your skin isn’t thick enough to be exposed to direct sunlight. Buncha whiny babies complaining about a tongue in cheek locals party. Suck it up and stay home if you don’t like it.

    1. It is harmless fun …. It is not mean spirited …. I attend ..and I am a Shoobie … Always had a good time …. Never mistreated

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