Shoobie Tuesday. Killing Tourism & Gross Violation of Legion Constitution?

Shoobie Tuesday Let’s mock those that support our community? The annual Shoobie Tuesday party is once again scheduled for the Tuesday after Labor Day; Sept 2, in Brigantine. The American Legion recently posted their giant yard sign for all to see along Brigantine Ave. Most residents, visitors and business owners are not amused.

From Jim Connell, a Marine vet and a 25-year Legionnaire says: “This practice of name-calling, no matter how endeared by tradition, mocks our neighbors and is in gross violation of the Constitution of the American Legion. It should be stopped immediately. It does not teach “a sense of obligation to the community;” it mocks the community. It does not “combat the autocracy of the classes;” it perpetuates class warfare. It does not “promote peace and goodwill;” it accentuates our differences and exploits, for amusement, those who aren’t fortunate enough to live here year-round. Get with it, gentlemen, don’t be “that Legion.”

Brigantine Shoobie Tuesday

From Brian Belko: What an embarrassment for visitors to the island & my rental guests directly across the street from popular Aunt B’s & Ernest & sons. This unwelcoming event is sure to chase away the tourists that have plenty of other places to spend their vacation dollars.

From Art Barstow: Ya know, the funny part is that the people who make fun of the so called “shoobies” were once shoobies themselves. My great grandfather lived there before half those idiots knew where Brigantine was. Comical.

Shoobie Tuesday Brigantine Maria Finizio So stupid. First of all, who cares what a bunch of old drunks think? Second…again shoobie a are keeping that island afloat, and frankly the more I read, the less I want to go there.

Valerie Shear Metzger Fun for who? It’s just plain stupid! Certainly you can figure out some other reason to party.

Amy Sternin From the American legion? They should be ashamed of themselves.

Brigantine Hockey Mom Truly disappointed in a fellow Brigantine hockey coach; for not seeing how harmful this so-called party can be to visitors, part-time residents, business owners, and especially our hockey loving kids. We need to teach our kids good manners. We should not teach our kids how to use social media to vent.